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Oceanic realms are realms preferred by or intended for use by players who reside in the oceanic geographical region, which is generally considered to consist of Australia, New Zealand, and their respective outlying areas. Officially there are twelve different time zones in this general region, ranging from UTC -9 to UTC +14.

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Quote about possibility of Oceanic realms at game release on April-17-2014. [1] Fan Tiberio had a question similar to one you've answered before about servers, but he was specifically asking about Oceanic servers. Are there going to be any?

Gaffer: We're not planning for them for launch. I've got to admit, we'd love to. There is a healthy Australian gaming community, and New Zealand, and the real question there is the same one everyone faces and Australians are sick of hearing about it, and is there enough critical mass to not just be able to have the server cost but also the support costs, because you'd like that to be local too. Back at Origin, there was an outcry for Oceanic servers for a long time, but the supporting of it is hard. What you don't want to do is go there and then pull out, because then you've pissed off people even more. It's non-non-non-trivial. We'll take a look at the sales data and see what it looks like out of those territories and see what we can do that's close or can we combine with Asia as we move into Asia. That's a good opportunity because at least you're in the same timezones, and so you're providing support and all of that stuff. There's more opportunities for that in the future, but apologies to Australian players, and bless those who've played at ridiculous, it's ridonkulus lag to the data center in Dallas they've been putting up with. It'll get a little better in Europe, but it's not as good as it needs to be.

Open beta release on May-8-2014 Edit

  • Oceanic region was tentatively given two new realms Myrcalus (NA) and Widow (NA)
  • Realm servers were co-located in NA region (Dallas).
  • Widow (NA) was tentatively intended to be a PvP game style realm for Oceanic.

Pre-release information for May-31-2014 Edit

  • On May-28-2014 a new Realms list was announced with one server, Myrcalus (NA) marked for Oceanic.
  • It is unclear when that server will be co-located more relative to Oceanic region.

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