A level 1 Episode on The Gambler's Ruin. This one begins with a cut scene as soon as you log in your new character. 

"Sorry to bring you out of cryo like that, but I ain't got much choice. The world's on fire, and I need your help somethin' fierce."

"My wife's stuck in one of those cryo pods. The power's failin' and I need your help if I'm gonna find her and get her out before it's too late."

I'll help you find your wife.

A Rude Awakening includes the following quests:

  • Cryo Crisis - Help Deadeye Brightland locate his wife
  • Medbay Mayhem - Collect the serum and return to Lazarin, then administer the serum to Sadie
  • Have A Drink On Me - Deadeye thanks you and sends you to The Rockin' Rowsdower for a drink.
  • A Little Friendly Carousal - Brewmaster Greka asks you to converse with Trooper Madeline, Archeologist Vella and Durag
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