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Avra Darkos
Title Black Hoods
Gender Female
Race Mordesh
Type Prime
Location Gambler's Ruin
Target Quest Giver

Avra "The Widow" Darkos is the head of the Black Hoods, the Exiles' network of spies and assasins. Cunning, ruthless, and brutal, the Widow spins her web through all of Nexus, no movement safe from her knowledge, no person safe should she weave a trap for them.


Before the Fall of Grismara, Avra Darkos was born into a family of aristrocrats, or a high ranking official. She lived a happy, comfortable, luxurious life, and married the man she loved, before the creation and distribution of the Everlife Elixir.

All of her family was killed during the Fall of Grismara, save for her husband. In a desperate, last ditch effort, her husband made his way to the Dominion barricade to ask for help, only to get gunned down. Horrified and traumatized, Avra Darkos became the cold, unfeeling, and brutal spymistress she is today.

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Avra Darkos was known for her wits and brutality that aided her in the field of espionage. She also showed pragmatism on her morality for the safety of the Exiles' fleet, even if it means killing innocent civilians in Dominion territories as seen in Auroria plague. She also provided resources and protection for Victor Lazarin from time to time on his research towards curing the Mordesh's Contagion.

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