Bail Out!
Icon itemarmorshield shield 0001
2.5s in PvE
3.0s in PvP
Range 15.0 m
30.0 min cooldown
Unlocked at path level 5
Situation getting a little too hot to handle? Use this to take you and your group to a safe area. Cannot be used in Battlegrounds or Warplots.
Tier info
Tier 1 Tier 2
Rank 18 29
PvE cast 2.0s 1.5s
PvP cast 2.0s 1.0s
Cooldown 20.0 min 20.0 min

Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Bail Out ability: Fixed issue where the ability was not working within certain areas of the game.

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