IconDominion  Calidor Antevian  IconDominion
Title Vigilant Church
Gender Male
Race Cassian
Type Challenger
Level 10
Target 5-man
Armor Rating 2

Calidor Antevian is the twin brother of Toric Antevian, a famed commander of Radiant Legion. Unlike his brother, Calidor chose to serve as peaceful servant for Vigilant Church. During his time on Nexus, he came to a 'revelation' about Recombination (a knockoff of Augmentation) and started a cult called the Ascendancy.

Biography Edit

Calidor Antevian, like his twin brother Toric, was born on Cassus to a low born family. He chose to serve the Vigilant Church as a cleric as opposed to his brother's path in the Vigilant Church's military wing. He was highly respected and oversaw an excavation of an Eldan site in Ellevar.

Ascendancy Edit

During his time on Nexus, Calidor Antevian was leading an excavation in Ellevar on Eldan architecture. Later, he discovered Eldan augmentation process and transformed himself as an Augmented cyborg. As a result, the Vigilant Church branded the Calidor as a heretic. Calidor later formed the Ascendancy, which preached that they would be uplifted via Augmentation process as the Eldan did. Despite Calidor's preachings on Eldan augmentation, the chamber actually performed "Recombination", a less precise form that replaced parts of his body with cybernetics.

Personality Edit

Calidor believes fiercely in the superiority of the Eldan, and by relation the Cassian people. He is an intellectual and intelligent man, but more ruthless than his brother. As the leader of the Ascendancy, Calidor believes he is righteous in attempting to 'convert' various sentient beings to his cause so they may 'ascend' like the Eldan supposedly did.

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