Cassus is the home planet of the Cassians, Mechari, and Luminai. It is also the location of the Mechari Forge, which orbits Cassus.

Arrival on Cassus and Shade's Eve Edit

According to ancient legends, Cassus was discovered and settled by human colonists.[1] Soon after they arrived, the settlements on Cassus were struck by a deadly plague, which later scholars believe was a mutated form of Spacer's Plague carried by rodents. The Cassians were ravaged by the plague, but just as things seemed utterly hopeless, one girl was shown to be immune to the plague. The colonists used the girl's blood to manufacture vaccines that saved their lives and future on Cassus. The miracle girl was called the Angel and the Shade's Eve holiday became one of many popular and important holidays celebrated on Cassus.

The Founding of the Dominion Edit

Many years after the settlement of Cassus, the Cassians formed a democratic organization known as the Cassian Commonwealth. The organization advocated the equality for its citizens without distinctions in wealth, power, or birth. It was formed in response to the brutal conflicts that also included wars over inheritance by sucessors.[2] The Cassian Commonwealth were also known for the legendary Sword Maidens, who were led by Tresayne Toria. In 107 BE, the Commonwealth launched the ill-fated expedition of the research vessel Nomad after a century of design and production, but lost contact with it some time after it was launched; its fate is unknown.

Unfortunately, the Commonwealth was not very successful in keeping the peace, and conflicts raged between its member states. Along with the conflicts, the Commonwealth also dealt with warlords and rebellion on their interstellar colonies that became one of the factors in the formation of the Sword Maidens.[3] When the Eldan noticed the rapid technological advancement and space flight of the Cassians, they sent Axis Pheydra as an ambassador to the Cassians. The messenger promised grand gifts of dominance and glory for the Cassians if they would hand over Tresayne Toria, threatening to destroy Cassus if they did not. The Cassians struck a deal and Tresayne Toria was never seen again. Later, an Eldan-Human hybrid named Dominus came to Cassus with gifts from the Eldan, declaring himself to be the son of Tresayne Toria. It is presumed that the Cassian Commonwealth was dissolved when the Dominion was founded by Dominus.

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References Edit

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