Challenges are in addition to quests and are normally triggered by entering a specific area, or by killing the target of or collecting the item of the challenge, thereby recieving the challenge to kill (or collect) more of something, in a specific time period. Choose the zone below to view the list of challenges for that zone. (This is not yet a complete list).


Levian BayEdit

Crimson IsleEdit

Dreg Destroyer Combat Challenge

Arachnicide Combat Challenge


The Gooed, The Bad and The Ugly Ability Challenge / Leviathan's Rest

Explosive Beginnings General Challenge / The Hillscourge

Terminite Troubles Combat Challenge / The Hillscourge

Aurin Overgrowth Combat Challenge / Wildwood Grove

Rock Breaker Combat Challenge / Jagged Rock Cove

Fallen Feathers Combat Challenge / Bloodtalon Perch

Falkrin War Banners Activate Challenge / Bloodtalon Perch

A Tangled Mess Combat Challenge / Exo-Lab 78

Modified Monstrosities Combat Challenge / Feralplain Testing Range

Record Time Item Challenge / Feralplain Testing Range

Gnarlfoot Slayer Combat Challenge / Bloodfire Savannah

Stonetusk Slayer Combat Challenge / Deradune

Whitepaw Slayer Combat Challenge / Bloodfire Savannah

Coastal Tusker Slayer Combat Challenge / Bloodfire Beach

Deadwind Slayer Combat Challenge / Deadwind Hollow

The Culling of Owanee Basin Combat Challenge / Owanee Basin

Grimvoid Rampage Combat Challenge / Grimvoid Landing

...And Stay Down! Combat Challenge / Witchwake Ridge

Grim Cargo Item Challenge / Grimvoid Landing

Paws Down Combat Challenge / Firewalker Savannah

Owanee Speedway General Challenge / Grimvoid Landing



Summoning Lessons Ability Challenge / Blackheart Hollow

Now They Can Fly Ability Challenge / Cluggs Farm: Bingberry Distillery

Vulcarrian Vaccination Ability Challenge / Kel Voreth Borderlands: Outpost Dawn

Ride The Updraft General Challenge / Fires of Kel Voreth

Veggie Delight General Challenge / Sallec Farmstead

Here Comes the Boom General Challenge / Battleblood Trench

Cannon Blast Evade General Challenge / Blackheart Village

Stinger Extraction General Challenge / Protostar Honeyworks

Shifting Priorities General Challenge / Windfall Digsite

Bringin' the Bingberries General Challenge / Bingberry Orchard

Speeder Beater General Challenge / Clugg's Farm

Hot Hand General Challenge / Meadow Point

Pulling Wings Off Buzzbings Item Challenge / Protostar Honeyworks Master: Protostar Honeyworks

Purging the Plague Combat Challenge / Hycrest

Haymaker Combat Challenge / Kel Voreth Borderlands: Outpost Dawn

Cellar Dwellers Combat Challenge / Hycrest Cellars: Hycrest

Rock Biting Combat Challenge / Mozyk Quarry

Vandarin Vandalizer Combat Challenge / Vandarin Orchard

Hivestrike Massacre Combat Challenge / Hivestrike Grove

Robo-Rumble Combat Challenge / Windfall Digsite

Greystone Rumble Combat Challenge / Greystone Hill

Poxbrew Punisher Combat Challenge / Casaca Farmstead

Blackheart Annihilator Combat Challenge / Gildgrass Province

Cuboar Depreciation Combat Challenge / Cubig Farms

Fell the Forge Thralls Combat Challenge / Fires of Kel Voreth

Voreth Vanquisher Combat Challenge / Kel Voreth

Seriously? Combat Challenge / Fort Glory

Smarter than the Average Girrok Combat Challenge / Cubig Farms

Krogg Slog Combat Challenge / Clugg's Farm

Longear Thrashing Combat Challenge / The Howling Hills

Surveying Device Says... Activate Challenge / Greystone Cavern


Soul Sanctification Ability Challenge / Everpool Approach

Race to the Unknown General Challenge / Twilight Grove

Red Light Green Light General Challenge / Everpool Approach

Bird Watching General Challenge / The Undergrove

Radiant Contraband Item Challenge / Fort Vigilance

Five-Fingered Discount Item Challenge / Torine Hunting Grounds

Loot of the Lost Item Challenge / Kel Ulgar

Airdrop Gone Wrong Item Challenge / The Battlemound

Sister Slaughter Combat Challenge / Giant's Wall

Claw and Staff Combat Challenge / Sister's Watch

Tending the Garden Combat Challenge / Vitara's Refuge

Gator Hater Combat Challenge / Twilight Grove

Dasterdly Duskfangs Combat Challenge / The Strange Glade

Hard as Iron Combat Challenge / Kel Ulgar

Animal Annihilation Combat Challenge / Wilderrun Chase

Splorg Stomp Combat Challenge / Fort Vigilance

Felling the Wildfallen Combat Challenge / Wildfall Commune

Podsweeper Combat Challenge / Vitara's Refuge


Capital Trash General Challenge / Fate's Landing

Shipside Delivery General Challenge / Illium

Back to Basic General Challenge / Obstetrical Course: Illium

Help Wanted General Challenge / Legion's Way: Illium

Spread the Word Ability Challenge / Illium

The Slank In The Landing General Challenge / Fate's Landing


Northern WildsEdit

Skeech Slayer Combat Challenge / Coldburrow Cavern

Xenobite Egg Smasher Combat Challenge / Coldburrow Cavern

Rootbrute Slayer Combat Challenge / Northern Wilds

Everstar GroveEdit

Flitterfly Chaser General Challenge / Everstar Grove

Barkblight Basher Combat Challenge / Blighted Glen

Guardian Crusher Combat Challenge / Elderoot Refuge


Grinding Up Gronyx Combat Challenge / Exo-Site 14

Skittering Slaughter Combat Challenge / The Skittering Grotto

Cartel Slayer Combat Challenge / First Strike Mine

Protector Rejector Combat Challenge / Annihilator Silo 14

Grim Reaper Combat Challenge / Grim Valley

Skug Egg Destroyer Combat Challenge / Duskfall Caverns

Cavern Clearing Combat Challenge / Coldwater Gulch: Icemaw Cavern

Canimid Killer Combat Challenge / Annihilator Silo: Exo-Site 14

Tremor Ridge Defender Combat Challenge / Deadstar Ravine

Smush Shrooms Combat Challenge / Grim Valley

Swiftpaw Slayer Combat Challenge / Gallow Fields

Eldan Wall Scaler General Challenge / Annihilator Silo 14: Exo-Site 14

Eldan Construct Border Scaler General Challenge / Annihilator Silo 14: Exo-Site 14

Scale the Loftite Cliffs General Challenge / The Loftite Cliffs

The Grid General Challenge / DREDplex: Skyhammer

Bull's Eye! General Challenge / Rockridge Hollow

Scale the Loftite Pillar General Challenge

Roan Tipping General Challenge / Gallow Fields

CARTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE: Gallow Fields General Challenge / Gallow Fields

Grotto Grave Digger General Challenge / The Skittering Grotto

Minefield Mayhem General Challenge / Tremor Ridge

Race to the XAS Dig Site General Challenge / Exo-Site 14

Loftite Collector Item Challenge / The Loftite Cliffs

Scrap Yard Item Challenge / Annihilator Silo 14

Snatching Snoglug Eggs Item Challenge / Coldwater Gulch

Energized Stones Item Challenge / Halsen's Claim


Chasing Fireflies General Challenge / Celestial Falls

Whack-A-Pole General Challenge / The Pools of Vitara

Torine Troubles Combat Challenge / Celestion

Lifeglade Kills Combat Challenge / Verdant Sancuary: Lifeglade Hills

Cursewood Killer Combat Challenge / Cursewood

Greenbark Gardener Combat Challenge / Greenbough Glen

Bonerazer Slayer Combat Challenge / Bonerazer Village

Moodie Massacre Combat Challenge / Darkloam Hollow

Rapid Execution Combat Challenge / Grimhold Quarantine Zone

Buzzbing Buzzkills Combat Challenge / Thistlewood Thicket

Firestorm Fighter Combat Challenge / Emberwood

Cutting Vines Combat Challenge / The Vibrant Ascent: Verdant Ascent

Construct Deconstructor Combat Challenge / Exo-Site N22

Fruit of the Bloom Item Challenge / The Verdant Sanctuary

It's in the Ooze Item Challenge / Nanite Repository: Exo-Site N22

Strike It Lucky Item Challenge / Tanglewood Grove


Cooking With Fire Ability Challenge / Fuelfuze Depot

Turret Short Circuit Ability Challenge / Galeras

Cooling Down Ability Challenge / Tempest Refuge

Windspire Ascent General Challenge / Windspire Vigil

Whimsical Whimfibers General Challenge / Tempest Refuge

Scaling Mount Tempest General Challenge / Mount Tempest

Honeyhive Harvester Item Challenge / Nibben's Fields

Dominion Datachrons Item Challenge / Tempest Refuge

Data Recovery Item Challenge / Excavation Site A83

I.C.Iconoclast Combat Challenge / Noxbane Prison Camp

Deadly Force Combat Challenge / Control Site: Focus of Air

Whistlewind Cave-In Combat Challenge / Whistlewind Caverns

Crimson Legion Fuel Depot Fizzler Combat Challenge / Fuelfuze Depot

Augmented Abominations Combat Challenge / Winding Ridge

Crushing the Crimson Legion Combat Challenge / The Ravaged Front

Bot Basher Combat Challenge / Crimson Base of Operations

Reaping Ravenoks Combat Challenge / Nibben's Fields


Fortune's Advertising Ability Challenge / Thayd

Leap of Faith General Challenge / Thayd Tower

One Exile's Trash... Item Challenge / Crooked Corners


Redmoon Revenge Combat Challenge / Redmoon's Dockyard

Snuff the Snoglug Combat Challenge / Softsnow Woods

Squish the Squirg Combat Challenge / Outbreak Fen

Silverscale Combat Challenge / Silverscale Station

Stray Slayer Combat Challenge / Sunderstone Hold

Doomtide Destroyer Combat Challenge / Doomtide Village

Exile Expulsion Combat Challenge / Near Sunderstone Hold

Slay the Soulcore Combat Challenge / Augment Facility X426

Road Rage General Challenge

Defusing the Situation General Challenge / Sunderstone Hold

Doing Things The Hard Way General Challenge / Whitevale Terraformer

Lightning Rod General Challenge / Calmwater Commune

Bugs or Pests? General Challenge / Shatterforce Outpost

Walatusk Meat Item Challenge / Thermock Lake West

Powering Down Activate Challenge / Augment Facility X426


Lumos Drifter Lure Ability Challenge / Fatalis Fields

View From a Hill General Challenge / Flamewalker Hold

Hot Feet General Challenge / Alpha Complex Hallway to Bio-Dome 4

To the High Flame General Challenge / Flamewalker Hold: Progenitor's Hideaway

Entrance Exam General Challenge / Plasmic Equalizer

Stairway to Heaven General Challenge / Derelict Silo E23

Target Practice General Challenge / Fatalis Fields

Full of Life General Challenge / Alpha Complex Hallway to Bio-Dome 3

Elemental Grab Bag Item Challenge / Primal Energy Lab

Plasma Donors Item Challenge / Shatter Ledge

Shallow Impact Item Challenge / Fatalis Fields

A Bouquet of Willoweep Item Challenge / The Beryl Forest

Extraterrestrial Exterminator Combat Challenge / Fatalis Fields

Elemental Extermination Combat Challenge / Crystalline Waste and Scorched Expanse

Pinchers of Peril Combat Challenge / Crescent Heights

Ravenous Annihilation Combat Challenge / Ravenous Ravine

Sandy Secrets Combat Challenge / Flamewalker Hold

Tanglevine Trouble Combat Challenge / Tanglevine Village

Face Off Combat Challenge / Derelict Silo E23

Just Keep Swinging Activate Challenge / Flamewalker Hold



Tar and Feather Ability Challenge / The Sunbeak Steppes

Bug Bombing Ability Challenge / The Sandstinger Wastes: The Stinging Wastes

Where There's Smoke, There's Progress General Challenge / Shardspire Canyon

One Small Hop General Challenge / Dead Man's Gulch

A Spirited Climb General Challenge / Scourwind Peak

Picking the Desert Rose General Challenge / The Kohra Crash Site

Shiny Pearls Item Challenge / The Endless Coast

Roan Skulls Item Challenge / The Flamedancer Mesa: Windfury Village

Counter Terrorism Combat Challenge / Shardspire Canyon

Ending the Swindlers Combat Challenge / Swindler's End

Spider Stomping Combat Challenge / Spider Stomping

Targeted Obsolenscence Combat Challenge / Flamedancer Enclave: Windfury Enclave

Who Ya Gunna Call? Combat Challenge / Gravestone Valley: The Town of Gravestone

The Only Good Dregg Combat Challenge / Fleshfouler Village

Efficiency is Key Combat Challenge / Scatterbite Ridge

Scrapping the Scrab Combat Challenge / The Kohra Crash Site

Murgh Slayer Combat Challenge / Scourwind Perch

Storming the Flamedancers Combat Challenge / The Flamedancer Mesa / Windfury Mesa


Disarming Fingers Ability Challenge / Sprawling Breach

Peep Chase Ability Challenge

Poppin' Pustules General Challenge / Phagelab

Demolition Expert General Challenge / Boiling Cauldron

Holo-Visions General Challenge / Cryomere: In and around the crashed ship

What's in the Box? Item Challenge / Fist of Azrion

Grimvault Reaper Combat Challenge / The Creeping Abyss

Get Off My Ship! Combat Challenge / Fist of Azrion

Conquer the Corrupt Combat Challenge / Southern Grimvault: Shattered Sands

Incorruptible Combat Challenge / Spineridge Nest

Vile Evisceration Combat Challenge / Phagelab


This Ain't No Bathtub Hooch! The Moonshiner Cabin

Heart and Souls Spooky Graveyard

Cracking the Code Eldan Excavation

Ice Anomalies Ice Pond

Shiny Vind Chase Lopp Party Grounds

Top of the World Shardspire Canyon

Medic! Medical Station

Rider on the Storm Whirlwind

Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Reputation earned from completing Challenges should also grant reputation with linked factions (such as "The Dominion" or "The Exiles").; Fixed a bug that caused some challenges to give the "out of area" warning and fail, while Players were still in the challenge area.; Fixed an error that would occur if the player changed zones while they were in the middle of a challenge.