A character's class is what defines his or her basic play style, the type of weapon they use, and what armor they wear. In WildStar Online, players can choose from one of several classes when building their game characters, and all classes can play up to two different roles.

Three of the classes - Engineer, Stalker, and Warrior - can perform the DPS and Tank roles. The other three - Medic, Esper and Spellslinger - can perform the DPS and Healer roles.

WildStar offers 6 playable classes:

IconEngineer Engineer
Aurin Esper Art
IconEsper Esper
Medic resonators
IconMedic Medic
Human Spellslinger Art
IconSpellslinger Spellslinger
IconStalker Stalker
Granok Warrior Art
IconWarrior Warrior

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The class you chose can directly affect the race you have to pick from, as not all races can play every class. In fact, the only races that can are Cassian and Human. If you are hoping to play a diabolical sword swingin' hamster, sorry...... not gonna happen. Chua can be neither warriors or stalkers.

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