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Commander Durek
Gender Male
Race Granok
Type Superior
Level 40
Role Quest Giver
Location Gambler's Ruin
Armor Rating 18
"I came here to fight Dominion and drink beer, and I ain't got any beer." - Commander Durek

Commander Durek Stonebreaker is the high commander of FCON and the leader of his Free Company, Durek's Destroyers.


Durek is large and imposing, with pale-grey skin and one orange eye. He lost his nose and right eye at some point, leaving a large crag in his face. His armor is cobbled together from various pieces, exposing most of his chest. He wields a large, blue sword after the manner of a Warrior.


Durek was a young warlord on his homeworld of Gnox when the Dominion invaded. Instead of accepting defeat once it became clear the Dominion was going to win the war, Durek led raiding parties into Dominion camps, stealing and reverse-engineering their technology. Using the Dominion's resources against them, Durek and his army won the war and forced the Dominion off of Gnox in their first ever defeat.

However, when Durek came back to the Granok High Council, they declared that he and all those who followed him had violated the Way of Stone. Durek was branded the Stonebreaker, and his own father declared that Durek and anyone who followed him was exiled without reconsideration from Gnox.

Durek and his army took several Dominion ships, made them spaceworthy, and left Gnox to travel the stars, eventually making names for themselves as mercenaries for hire. Durek founded the Free Companies during his travels, and has his own FCON unit, Durek's Destroyers.

Personality Profile

Durek is reckless and brash, sometimes thinking with his sword instead of his brain. He is blunt, sometimes overly combative, and has supreme confidence in his abilities. He is surprisingly paternal towards Sergeant Kara. A quest given in Whitevale mentions that Durek gets cranky when he does not have a constant supply of cigars.

Previous to Drop 6, a tablet could be found in the Relic Room onboard the Arkship Gambler's Ruin, belonging to Durek:

CRATE G087: CONTENTS - Property, Durek Stonebreaker. Gnoxian granite - cracked. Etchings aged at +10,000 years. Relic purported to be the oldest existing inscription of Granok "Way of Stone." Translation in progress.


Durek can be found on the Gambler's Ruin during the Exile tutorial as a quest giver. He also makes appearances in the Northern Wilds at Settler's Reach, and in Galeras, leading the charge with Sergeant Kara in the fight against the Falkrin; later on Durek can be found at Stonebreaker's Stand on Farside, and then in Grimvault.



A close-up of Durek's face.


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