Coordinated Crafting technologist spirovine

For Tradeskills or Hobbies that use Coordinate Crafting, the window will appear after selecting the recipe or schematic desired if applicable (simple crafting does not use this process). After pressing Craft, the player will have to choose the item they wish to create, of if in the process of Discovery, which direction they wish the coordinate to go. This is done by using and combining elements. The allowed number of moves the player can make is listed on the upper left hand side of the window (see above) and the element items are listed to the right. Clicking on an element choice will reveal the additives available. Hovering over them with the mouse, will show the radius in which the crafting pointer will land. The smaller the circle, the more precise the landing spot.  

If the item to be crafted is visible on the grid, clicking on it will cause the choices on the right in the list to open to the best additives to use. Once the player is satisfied with the move or moves, or are out of moves (or funds) the item will need to be crafted. If the player was not able to land the coordinate inside the circle of the desired item, the base item will be created instead. The money already spent and is not refundable so there is no reason to not complete it, even for a base item. Players are not required to spend all their moves and if it is obvious that any further moves will still have an undesired result, then just craft the item. No point in wasting funds.

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