IconDominion  Corrigan Doon  IconDominion
Title The Dominion
Gender Male
Race Cassian
Type Superior
Role Quest Giver
Location Lightreach Mission, Ellevar
Coordinates -2366,-3477
Target 40-man
Armor Rating 18

A devilishly handsome freelance tracker, Corrigan Doon travels the stars looking for rich folks willing to pay large sums of money for their missing valuables, so that he may fuel his lifestyle of casual disregard for rules and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

Biography Edit

Corrigan Doon was a Lowborn Cassian until his venture into the Fringe as a smuggler and captain of the Phoenix, which allowed him to rise above his station in Dominion society. His fame came from his exploit in locating Star of Dominus, a jewel that was told to be brought from Nexus by Dominus the Halfblood, from the Marauders. While the Dominion government were planning to reclaim the jewel, Corrigan Doon and his mechanical navigator Cosine travelled to Marauders' territory. Although his initial part of his raid was a success, he was later trapped by the Marauders until Cosine drove the Phoenix through the launch bay that allowed Corrigan to escape.

Personality Edit

Though Corrigan Doon is indeed a competent tracker, he is extremely reckless, selfish, and more often than not drunk on the job. Most people rely on him solely as a last resort, given the difficulty of working with him.

He has an extreme love of alcohol, as evidenced by a Dominion player's first possible quest with him: making him a Doon Surprise, a concoction of tanning oil, prayer wine, and Nap Nap Juice, boiled and blended together. He spends the rest of the episode drunk out of his gourd, though he does sober up once things get serious.

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