Cosmic Rewards table
To earn Cosmic Rewards, players must spend NCoin in the in-game store or purchase NCoin from in-game in order to accumulate Cosmic Points. They can also be earned by redeeming product codes or C.R.E.D.D.  These points are shown in the Cosmic Rewards meter on the Store window and the drop-down icon to the left of the meter will reveal the rewards, points required and the descriptions. Points are earned account-wide. This information is also in the table below.

(Note: to purchase NCoin from in-game, players must have purchased NCoin at the official website using a saved Credit Card at least once. Paypal will not work for this service).  

Signature players will also earn Cosmic Points as their service renews each month, allowing them to earn rewards at a faster pace. Players who purchase Signature the 3, 6 or 12 month plans will earn bonus points. See the Signature article for more information. 

Earning Cosmic Points

Note: Some items listed including box/digital editions of WildStar and Game Time cards may be found in limited quantities or discontinued completely after F2P launch. 

Purchase/Redemption Cosmic Point Reward
Store Purchase using NCoin 2 Cosmic Points per NCoin spent
400 NCoin Bundle

200 Cosmic Points

800 NCoin Bundle 420 Cosmic Points
1600 NCoin Bundle 880 Cosmic Points
4000 NCoin Bundle 2300 Cosmic Points
8000 NCoin Bundle 4800 Cosmic Points
WildStar Standard Edition 12000 Comic Points
WildStar Deluxe Edition 15000 Cosmic Points
15 Day Gametime Card 1800 Cosmic Points
30 Day Gametime Card 3000 Cosmic Points
60 Day Gametime Card 6000 Cosmic Points
C.R.E.D.D. Purchase 4000 Cosmic Points
C.R.E.D.D. Redemption 1000 Cosmic Points

These items will be discontinued after the F2P Launch and will be moved to the in-game Store

Purchase/Redemption Cosmic Point Reward
Deluxe Upgrade 3000 Cosmic Points
Character Rename 4000 Cosmic Points
Paid Realm Transfer 4000 Cosmic Points

Cosmic Rewards Table

Note: Points listed are from the game client after F2P launch. The point amount in parenthesis '( )' are from an article written by Team WildStar on 8/19/2015 and are more likely to be accurate but the article only had information up to Tier 4. 

Tier Points needed Reward Description
1 800 (1000) Immortal Miner Costume  Helm Costume piece
1 1600 (2000) Full Social Access Full access to social leadership functions:Guilds, Communities, Circles and Warplot
1 2400 (3000) "Wake Here"  Cooldown Reduction 50% cooldown reduction
1 3200 (4000) Coordinate Crafting Bonus Increases the target radius size by 10% for Coordinate Crafting
1 3200 (4000) Curcuit Board Crafting Bonus Reduces the chance of failure when overcharging during Curcuit Board crafting by 10%
1 4000 (4000) Friendly Furrelope Unlock a Friendly Furrelope companion
2 1000 (5200) Extra Auctions and Bids Add an additional 10 auctions and 10 bids to the max allowed for the Auction House
2 1000 (5200) Extra Commodity Exchange Order Adds an additional 10 sell and 10 buy to the max allowed at the Commodities Exchange. 
2 2000 (6500) Extractor Mount Customization Contains one Extractor Mount Customization set.
2 3000 (7750) Rest XP Bonus Accumulates rest XP 50% faster. Also increases Rest XP pool max size by 50% of your characters level cap
2 4000 (N/A) Marauder Red Dye Dye
2 5000 (9000) Velocirex (Badlands) Unlock Velocirex (Badlands): Adds the Velocirex (Badlands) to your mount list. 
3 3000 (12000) Harvesting Boost Increases the chance of receive a harvesting bonus by 10%
3 6000 (15000) Grand Poobah Costume - head
3 6000 (15000) Increased Reputation Gain Increases reputation gained from combat kills by 50% (Stacks with Signature)
3 9000 (18000) Northern Lights Dye Dye
3 12,000 (21000) Li'l Beast Companion Pet
3 15,000 (24000) Warpig of the Devoted Adds the Warpig of the Devoted to your mount list. Also grants the Affluent title. 
4 11,200 Increased Challenge Points Increases the points earned from Challenges by 25%
4 22,400 Warpiglet Companion pet
4 33,600 Dreg White Dye Dye
4 44,800 Cannibal's Costume Kit Contains one Cannibal Costume set. 
4 56,000 Bandit Carver Unlocks the Bandit Carver mount. Also grants the Mega Magnate title when used. 
5 14,000 Formal Costume Kit Contains one Formal Costume set. 
5 28,000 Techno-Phage Weapon Chest Contains one Augmentor Weapon for your class.
5 42,000 Housing Sky - Spooky Use to unlock the Housing Sky - Spooky
5 56,000 OmniBit Drop Rate Increases the amount of OmniBits awarded on drop by 100%
5 70,000 Hoverboard (Techno-Phage) Package Contains a Hoverboard (Techno-Phage), plus Techno-Phage-themed front, side, and rear hoverboard flair pieces.
6 30.000 Housing Sky - Wonderment Unlocks the Housing Sky - Wonderment
6 60,000 Soulrot Green Dye Dye
6 60,000 Osun Warhound Companion Pet
6 90,000 Osun Decor Pack Specialty Osun decor. Included items become available from the Housing Vendor
6 120,000 Osun Cruiser Unlocks the Osun Crusiser to your mount list
6 150,000 Osun House Use to unlock the Osun House. Also grants the Grand Oligarch title.
Cosmic rewards osunhouse

Osun House Reward

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