Mondo Zax, head honcho of DRED

The Dominion Research and Experimentation Division - otherwise known as DRED - is responsible for developing advanced technology for the empire.

Populated exclusively by Chua inventors, DRED has been directly responsible for the ongoing success of the Dominion military through the creation of destructive weapons and powerful machines of war. They have also engineered advanced machinery - such as the massive Planet Reapers - that have revolutionized large-scale resource harvesting, allowing the empire to efficiently exploit the natural resources of conquered worlds.

"Listen up Collegium! You tired of always seeing great inventions shut down because of LAWS? Because of SAFETY? Because of STUPID? So does Mondo Zax! Yes, that's me. I am the Zax, and the Zax wants to pick your brains! Not literally. Not YET. Just figurative for now. Not important. The Zax wants your ideas. Your brain-juice-power. Your mind-ideas. Deadlier the better! You have deadly plans? Bring them to DRED! That's right! DRED is the new Dominion Research and Experimentation Division. Fancy name. Means make big weapons! You want to make big weapons? You join DRED! Make lots of booms. Sign up today. FOR SCIENCE! And explosions. See Zax's nearest assistant - strike that, see Zax's nearest assistant who STILL ALIVE - and see what DRED can do for you and you can do for DRED! And the Zax."

- Initial Recruiting Pitch for DRED

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