Dorian Walker

Dorian Walker is the famous explorer responsible for discovering planet Nexus, and is considered a legendary figure among the Exiles.  Cantankerous, stubborn, and fearless, Dorian has an almost limitless sense of adventure—and despite his advanced age, can still often be found out in the field, exploring the many wonders of planet Nexus

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dorian Walker is in great physical shape for a 77-year-old. Years in cheap spaceships without artificial gravity should have left him frail and killed him long ago, yet he remains hale and hearty—although he has a cybernetic arm and leg as a result of some of his most dangerous adventures. Many attribute his unnatural vigor to the exotic energies of the Eldan planet he discovered long ago.


During the Exiles’ long flight through the Fringe after the Cassian Civil War, Dorian Walker had become one of the their most reliable pathfinders—pilots who scouted the way light-years ahead of the fleet looking for threats or places to resupply. Having lost his wife to Spacer’s Plague not long after they were married, Dorian had been forced to raise their daughter Belle alone—and despite the hardships of life on the Fleet, the two became very close. But Dorian’s true obsession was planet Nexus, the legendary planet of the Eldan that had eluded discovery for more than two thousand years...

Personality ProfileEdit

A famously stubborn individual, Walker never compromises or backs down from a challenge. Never afraid to speak his mind, Dorian has always been sure of himself and his beliefs, clearly shown through his dedication to discovering the legendary Eldan homeworld despite the resistance and skepticism of his peers. This overconfidence often gets him in to trouble—especially in the dangerous, unexplored wilds of planet Nexus.

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