Drusera, a.k.a. Genesis Prime, is an Eldan "god" and the ultimate goal of the Nexus Project, a being of unparalleled perfection. She is composed of six Eldan, broken down and combined via the infusion of vast amounts of primal power.


Drusera is named after the oldest, most benevolent, and most powerful gods of the Eldan pantheon for a reason: she has the power of creation at her fingertips, capable of fabricating anything she desires with the power of her thoughts. Though she has been shown to be able to fabricate things into being from sheer force of will, she prefers building from what already exists as it is easier. Powers shown include:

  • Control over all 6 Primal Powers, such as erupting into pure Primal Fire, summoning gusts of Primal Air at will, and manipulating the earth to her desires with the power of Primal Earth
  • Accelerating growth of plants
  • Creation of animal life
  • Creation of elementals
  • Teleportation, and opening portals for the use of others
  • Fusing with others, or lending them part of her powers

Involvement in the GameEdit

Drusera is actually responsible for kicking off the entire plot of the game: during Dorian Walker's famous last-ditch jump to find Nexus, she had appeared before the explorer and guided him to the planet before he expired. Any further involvement is ambiguous, as Drusera seemed to be waiting for a specific individual to help her.

She bid her time observing the Exiles and Dominion for the 10 years between planetfall and game start, becoming a legend among the locals as a ghostly figure that disappears as soon as you get near her. Many times before reaching level 35, the player can stumble upon her, she will say a pre-programmed line, then proceed to disappear.

Once the player hits level 35, they can begin the "Drusera Instances" solo, story-heavy content relating to Drusera's attempts to defeat the Strain, alongside expounding upon the history of the Nexus Project. As of this writing, there are 5 instances, and she oversees 4 of them.

In-universe, the player character, should they choose to do the Drusera instances and/or advance the quest line past Grimvault, is the one person Drusera trusts and aids, but gameplay-wise, she will assist either faction and every single adventurer that comes her way.

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