The Eldan were best known for their technology, marvelous machines that allowed them to bend the laws of reality to their will, along with perform a whole host of other feats many would call "miraculous." Though they were still mortal, they may as well have been gods with what they could do.

Constructs Edit

The Eldan oftentimes relied on semi-intelligent programmed machines to do most of their grunt work. They are divided into 5 types:

  • Probes are small, floating drones used to perform basic tasks like scanning, routine maintenance, or even first line defense.
  • Protectors are large, humanoid robots built for the defense of Eldan Facilities. Like the Augmentors, they can compact their limbs into a smaller form.
  • Augmenters are egg-shaped floating drones with retractable arms, tools at the ends like an omniplasm injector, a claw, and a buzzsaw. They are used as a portable means to augment creatures.
  • Wardens are the larger versions of the Protectors. With four spider-like legs, and a humanoid upper body with an extended head, Wardens are oftentimes armed with advanced weaponry to protect the important areas and technology they are stationed nearby.
  • Annihilators are the largest form of construct, a titanic humanoid capable of neutralizing any threat that somehow manages to bypass the Halon Ring defense system. They are about 50 stories high, and have enough firepower to level an entire region like Algoroc.

Datacubes Edit

The Eldan version of a hard disk, Datacubes contain notes, schematics, and audio logs from the Eldan. The ones the player can collect are frequently personal logs. They are interfaced with by touching them, after which the datacube will automatically dispense their information into the user. A copy is downloaded in the player's datachron.

Terraformers Edit

However perfect Nexus was, some areas just weren't quite up to snuff, or the Eldan wanted to do something else with the land. A terraformer was constructed in the area, the massive device capable of changing the environment in its area of effect into any type of eco-system, alongside rapidly evolving any organisms to the new habitat.

With a terraformer, a Savannah-like Deradune can be turned into a lush, vibrant, and colourful forest like Celestion.

Terraformer explosions are not a pretty sight, horrifically mutating affected beings and turning the environment into a poisonous, blasted wasteland.

Primal Focus Edit

A Primal Focus is a large Eldan machine containing a gigantic concentration of pure primal energy, hence the name. There are six presently on Nexus:

  • The Focus of Air, found in Galeras.
  • The Focus of Water, found in Whitevale. The tampering of this Focus by the Ikthians is responsible for Whitevale's recent cold snap.
  • The Focus of Life, found in Wilderrun. This Focus is responsible for the extended life span of those in the region.
  • The Focus of Fire, location presently unknown.
  • The Focus of Earth, location also presently unknown.
  • The Focus of Logic, location, again, presently unknown.

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