IconExiles  Firefighting
Type Quest
Arwick Redleaf
Arwick Redleaf
Level 6
Location Celestion
Experience 213xp
Rewards 2IconSilver 10IconCopper
Choose One:
Rainmaker's Shoes
Fireflinger Flingers
Fireflinger Breastplate
Waterbringer's Steps
Reputation +376 Protectors of Celestion
Episode Greenbough's Guardian
Previous Greenbough Guardian

Arwick Redleaf in Glenview's Bulwark is impressed with your campaign against the Dominion arsonists. He believes that if you steal a flying water sprinkler, you can help put out those fires once and for all.

Steal a Dominion Fire Suppressor in Point Firestorm

You receive 30 reputation with the Exiles on completion

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