Foundation Day is a WildStar in-game holiday, celebrated on the 4th of July.

The galaxy is populated by an endless variety of races and cultures. Whether they hail from the Core Planets or the uncharted regions beyond the Fringe, each race has its own traditions and holidays--some of which have been honored for tens of thousands of years. But for those races that have made the dangerous journey across the stars to the planet Nexus, there is a time of celebration that is enjoyed by all. For the Exiles, this time is known as Starfall, while at the same time the races of the Dominion celebrate Foundation Day.

Foundation Day Edit

For the Dominion, Foundation Day is something else entirely. It was upon this day that the Dominion flag was first planted upon Nexus, followed soon by the emperor's declaration that Nexus would officially be considered the new home-world of the empire. Coincidentally, this holiday falls upon the day that the empire was established more than 1600 years ago, and represents the culmination of an epic journey to inherit the Eldan legacy that the Dominion fiercely considers its own.

Dominion celebrations are experienced at a much larger scale, and executed with the magnificence and grandeur befitting a powerful intergalactic empire. The Dominion Legions march in the streets of the largest towns on Nexus, led by the famous heroes that have made the empire's military one of the most formidable forces in the galaxy. Speeches are made and commendations are given. The reigning emperor personally visits communities across the planet, overseeing combat arenas where the empire's most skilled fighters face each other for fame and glory. Like the Exiles, the Dominion's Foundation Day celebrations conclude with impressive displays of fireworks, a moving tribute to the glory of the empire and the ancient destiny that they will soon fulfill.

Despite the intensifying war between the Exiles and the Dominion--or, perhaps, in reaction to it--preparations for these two celebrations are underway throughout most communities on Nexus. For individuals on both sides, Starfall and Foundation Day embody the true spirit of the conflict between the two factions--a time to celebrate the strength and determination of their peoples, and the strength it will require to overcome their enemies. So whether they are drinking strong dark ale made by a Granok brewmaster, or a thousand year old wine from the finest vineyards on Cassus, the races of the Exiles and Dominion will be raising their glasses as the fireworks explode above them--toasting the heroes that fight bravely on the front lines of the war.