Genetic Archives
SCREENSHOT Raid Archives 027
Faction IconBothSimple
Type Raid
Minimum Level 50
Veteran Level NA
SCREENSHOT Raid Archives 006
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Genetic Archives is a 20-man Raid instance in WildStar.

Areas Edit

Security Level

The forces of corruption nestled in Isigrol grow stronger, infiltrating the secret Eldan facility known as the Genetic Archives, a massive repository for the eugenic data of all organisms across Nexus!

The Bio-Vaults

Here the twisted sinister force calling herself the Dreadphage Ohmna and her diseased minions continue spreading their toxic influence throughout the vast installation’s labyrinthine Bio-Vaults, spawning endless hordes of virulent Strain monstrosities that if left unchecked will reclaim their primacy over the planet.

The Progenitors Lab

In a last-ditch effort to avert this nightmarish event, you and other great champions have been dispatched to penetrate the Archive’s harrowing depths!

Dreadphage Ohmna

Having survived the horrors of the Bio-Vaults, you will find a dread presence haunts these corridors at the heart of the Archives, preying on the venturesome and hopelessly lost with cruel delight. None know for certain the origins of the Strain abomination known as Dreadphage Ohmna, but whatever she once was, you and your hardy band will ensure that her future is certain: gratuitously agonizing death at your capable hands!

Notes Edit

  • Genetic Archives is WildStar's first 20-Man raid.
  • Ohmna was one of the Eldan Progenitors, and creator of the Skeech
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