Grismara is the home-world of the Mordesh race. Currently the planet is inhabited by the Ravenous.

History Edit

Before their demise from Contagion, Grismara was one of the technologically and culturally advanced planets in the galaxy. The indigenous Mordesh were known for their beauty and alchemy, which the latter trait gave them legendary status that caught the attention of the Dominion. The beginning of their demise began with the invention of Everlife Elixir, which the inventor Victor Lazarin claimed its property to provide immortality for consumers. Although the Everlife Elixir gave the Mordeshes immortality, it also caused the Contagion that killed 60% of planetary population. The two-thirds of surviving Mordeshes were transformed into mindless Ravenous, who lost their minds and crave for flesh. When the Dominion received the news of Contagion outbreak, a military contigent was sent to block Grismara to prevent the Contagion from spreading to other planets. Not only the evacuating ships were shot down, but also the civilians approaching the Dominion blockade were shot upon sight. In desperation, Lazarin developed Vitalus Serum that halted the Contagion's progress among the remaining survivors. Avra Darkos, a former aristocrat whose life was ruined by both the Contagion and the Dominion's betrayal, contacted the Exile fleet to smuggle them across the Dominion blockade.

Current Fate of Grismara Edit

According to a deep cover agent's report of Grismara found in Whitevale, which described the grim news on the survey in Grismara. Despite the 74% completion on planetary survey, there were no signs of remaining Mordeshes who were not Ravenous. The report also stated that the Ravenous' unending appetite had emptied the entire planet's lifeform except abandoned structures and monuments. The agent also showed despair over the lack of evacuation from the now barren planet of Grismara. The fate of the agent was left unknown except for the stains of blood and vitalus serum on the report; which either he or she was consumed by Ravenous, commited suicide, or Black Hoods' action to prevent the report from spreading out.

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