IconExiles  He's the Brains
Type Quest
Sergeant Kormak
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Crystal ShardsAlgoroc
Rewards 86IconCopper
Reputation +200 The Algoroc Accord
Episode Dominion Incursion
Previous Unwelcome Guests (Algoroc)
Next Disturbing Data

Objectives Edit

Kill Inventor Hoom, the Chua inventor inside the cave in DREDplex: Skyhammer Kill Dominion Security Drone inside DREDplex: Skyhammer

Description Edit

Chua collectives are usually run by a Chua inventor. $(creature=16664) thinks that if you take him out, the collective will have a tough time operating in Algoroc. You should be able to find the Chua inventor inside the cave in DREDplex: Skyhammer.

Progress Edit

There are a lot fewer Chua researching Algoroc for the Dominion, thanks to you. Sergeant Kormak wants to stay on the offensive to prevent them from calling in Dominion reinforcements.

Completion Edit

Speak to Sergean Kormak at Jeric's Claim

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