At level fourteen (14) a Protostar Specialist will give you a quest chain that will reward you with a housing plot once it is completed. Housing models are race based and are currently available in small and medium sizes.


Each character will be able to own their own house but can be accessed by other characters on your account by adding them as a neighbor. Houses can be decorated both inside and out. Decorations and furniture will be available through crafting, vendors, as quest rewards and via loot drops.

Exterior plugs can be created through the use of FABkits, these can be used for challenges, decoration, dungeons, buffs, crafting and resource gathering.

You can set permissions on your house like who can visit or decorate your house. If you upgrade your neighbor to a Roommate, he will have permission to decorate your house interior. You can visit random players’ housing plots if they marked their plot as Public. This feature can be found in the bottom-right of the Neighbors UI (in the Social Panel). If you mark your plot as Private, random players will not be able to visit your home. This feature can be found in the upper-left of the Neighbors UI (in the Social Panel)

You get increased rested XP when you log off inside your house, more decor items in your house will give you more rested XP. Rested exp is awarded to both the player who owns the house and any of their neighbours who log off in the house. bonus exp is awarded by 5 buffs, Ambience, Aroma, Comfort, Pride and Lighting. Decor Items that award these buffs will have a tag associated with them when they are in the players housing crate that will indicate both the type and size off the buff. Each buff comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Completing housing-related objectives will reward you with meta achievements. Interior and exterior lighting customization allow home owners to customize the ambient lighting of a house, on a room by room basis and placing of decorative items and furniture is not bound to specific locations, so anything is possible.



PAX East 2013 - WildStar Presentation

PAX East 2013 - WildStar Presentation

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