Hycrest is one of the largest and most important Dominion settlements on the planet Nexus and the agricultural breadbasket of the Dominion population on the planet. It is located in a region called Auroria and bordered the capital city of Illium.

Hycrest is strategically located near both the vitally important farmlands of Gildgrass Province and the strategically significant military installation called Fort Glory. Ruled by Governor Aluviel, who is a Luminai and a distant cousin of the emperor, the town is usually a perfect example of law and order, although a large lowborn population often leads to minor social unrest.

Hycrest Spaceport Edit

Almost all of Auroria's agricultural output goes through Hycrest spaceport, which is one of the busiest such locations not just on Nexus but in the entire Dominion. Certain specialty foods and delicacies are exported to waiting cargo vessels in the Halon Ring or in high orbit, while staple foodstuffs and goods see distribution across Auroria and the rest of the Dominion territories. The Dominion also works with third parties such as the Protostar Corporation, which ships a great deal of buzzbing honey out of Hycrest spaceport.

Plague Victims in Hycrest Edit

Scan data reveals the true hypercontagious nature of the Hycrest outbreak. The speed with which it attacks the physiology of its victims and its rapid spread through the citizens of Hycrest seemed to point to an artificially engineered disease, and these scans prove that hypothesis conclusively - a naturally evolving disease would affect different species in different ways, but this plague appears to be universal.

Hycrest Plague Edit

Analysis Scans prove with 94.6% certainty that the Hycrest Plague is an artificially mutated form of the common Cassian disease known as Peasant's Pox, so named because it was once believed only to affect the lowborn humans of Cassus. This new variety of the disease shows clear signs of intensive forced mutation aimed at increasing both infection rates and the number of fatalities as well.

Hycrest Wildreeds Edit

The common river plants dubbed Hycrest wildreeds seem to be endemic to the localized area around the Dominion city. Scans of internal cellular structure show the wildreeds are growing more plentiful and densely in this localized region.

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