The Hycrest Insurrection
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Faction IconExilesSimple
Type Adventure
Minimum Level 15
Veteran Level N/A
Location Galeras

The Hycrest Insurrection is an Exiles level 15 Adventure type instance in WildStar, located just east of the Exiles' capital city of Thayd. It is the first Adventure for all Exile players.

Summary Edit

In this simulation, the Black Hoods sent operatives into the Dominion city of Hycrest in Auroria, which is under martial law due to farmers' revolts over increase in tributes. The players can either aid the farmers to escape, destroy the Dominion troops with stealth, or organize a revolt.

Medal requirements Edit

  • Bronze IconCopper: Complete Hycrest Insurrection.
  • Silver IconSilver: Complete Hycrest Insurrection in under 30 minutes, without wiping.
  • Gold IconGold: Complete Hycrest Insurrection in under 25 minutes, without wiping.

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