IconDominion  Kezrek Warbringer  IconDominion
Title Dominion Legions
Gender Male
Race Draken
Type Superior
Role Quest Giver
Location Holochambers, Destiny
Target 40-man
Armor Rating 18

Kezrek Warbringer is the current commander of Dominion Legions on Nexus, especially the Gold and Crimson Legions.


Kezrek was a colonel under General Zarkuna One-Horn during the time of The Price of Defeat. He was also one of the few survivor of the ill-fated campaign against the Exiles at Jorigan Prime, which he protested against Zarkuna's reckless attack. As a result, Zarkuna would have been stripped off his titles and sentenced to death if Kezrek hadn't challenged for his command of the Legions. Finally, Kezrek won the duel against Zarkuna that spared his shame from dishonor. Zarkuna's skull was attached to Kezrek's left pauldron as a reminder on the price of defeat.


One trait that differentiates Kezrek from other Draken is his refusal to execute captured warriors. Instead he pardons them in return for their second chance to prove their worth in battle. Although he is a ruthless commander, he showed competence in his duty on defending Auroria by requesting additional troops and resources. He also shows hatred towards Mondo Zax, whom Kezrek will imprison if he makes a grievous mistake.


Players first meet Kezrak on the Destiny during the Dominion tutorial. He guides new players through combat in the Holochambers.

Kezrak also appears in the Crimson Isle and on Farside, where he battles Admiral Ironscale one-on-one at the Plasmic Equalizer during the Ikthian invasion.

Exile players will catch a glimpse of him while questing through Galeras when he appears during a radio transmission.

During Power by Proxy, the Entity creates an evil clone of Kezrak, whom Dominion players must defeat.

When not appearing in questing zones, Kezrak can be found in the Enigma Chamber in Illium and also pacing back and forth near the training grounds in Legion's Way.


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