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Here you can find an easy to use, step by step progression guide from level 1 all the way to level 50! However along the way you unlock features in Wildstar that will make your journey even more epic!

Click on parts of the image below to discover more each of the Adventures, Battlegrounds, Dungeons and Zones. To read smaller sections, hover over them.

Join the Exiles!No, join the Dominion!Space, the final frontier... Oh, what does this button do?Learn more about the Gambler's RuinLearn more about the Arkship DestinyExiles - Cold and Snow, Dominion - Hot and Rocks Why does the Dominion get the nice resorts? Welcome to Nexus!Discover Everstar GroveDiscover the Northern WildsLevel 6 Unlock - PvP Battleground - Prepare for battle in Walatiki TempleDiscover the Crimson IsleDiscover Levian BayDiscover CelestionDiscover AlgorocDiscover DeraduneDiscover EllevarIf you can build... you can DESTROY... more! Tradeskills available at level 10.From nice waterfalls to floating crystal rock things... your choice... choose wisely!A really, really hot desert or a spooky town... Such a hard choice. Glad I'm not making it!Thanks to the Protostar Corporation, at level 14 you can build your very own home... in the skyyyy! Making dreams come true - for money.Discover GalerasLevel 15 Unlock - PvE Adventure - Exiles: The Hycrest InsurrectionLevel 20 Unlock - PvE Dungeons - Explore Stormtalon's Lair and the Ruins of Kel VorethExplore Stormtalon's Lair!Battle the Osun in the Ruins of Kel Voreth!Level 15 Unlock - PvE Adventure - Dominion: Riot in the VoidDiscover AuroriaWant more PvP?! Of course you do, cupcake! Battleground: Halls of the Bloodsworn unlocks at level 15.Mounts at level 15!Level 25 Unlock - PvE MOBA Type Adventure: War of The WildsDiscover Whitevale! Winter is coming... oh, wait, it's already here... YAY SNOW ANGELSSSS... er, why's this snow yellow?Available at level 25 - Hoverboards Unlock! Need for Speed? Are you fast and furious? Then saddle up on your new super fast... hoverboard!ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Fight to the death with the PvP Arena Unlock at level 30!Level 30 Unlock - PvE Tower Defense Adventure: Siege of Tempest RefugeDiscover Farside! On a moon far far far far away... Oh, I can see my house! HIIII MOM!!!Discover Wilderrun! Awww, look at the pretty flowers... nice flowers. *CRUNCH* ARRRRR MY ARM!Level 35, World Story Unlocks! Discover the mysteries of Nexus with Drusera.Level 35 Unlock - PvE Dungeon - Take on the Redmoon Marauders in SkullcanoLevel 40 Unlock - PvE Adventure - Gang Wars! Who will you support in Crimelords of Whitevale?Discover Malgrave! The good, the bad, and the grave... From little bones to big MASSIVE bones, enough bones for everyone!Level 45 Unlock - PvE Escort Type Adventure: The Malgrave TrailDiscover Grimvault! This land... so corrupted, was once a vault but now is grim. EEEKK! TENTACLES WITH EYEBALLS!!!Level 50 Unlock - PvE Dungeon - The Torine are corrupted! Can you help Spiritmother Selene?Level 50 Elder Game! Da creme de la creme! Raids and Rated PvP!Exile Capital City ThaydDominion Capital City IlliumLevellingmap
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