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Lua, from the Portuguese word for moon, is a computer language used by WildStar, and many other games for automation and scripting of various kinds. In WildStar Lua is used for UI creation and implementation, and for user AddOns and UI customization. Only a subset of version 5.1 of the official Lua specification in WildStar is implemented. More information about Lua can be found on the official Lua FAQ.

Lua References Edit

A place to look for more information on the Lua language itself.

  • Official Reference Manual (and Luai) - contain syntax and basic commands, but is fairly technical for those not familiar already.
  • Programming in Lua (Online) - definitive Lua guide by Roberto Ierusalimschy.
  • lua-users - Lua user group with a Wiki which includes a the official Lua User FAQ, tutorials, a directory of project, and many many links links for additional resources.

Lua editors Edit

While any text editor can edit Lua files, many contain additional Lua specific features. Please see the list of Lua editors.

See also Edit

  • WS Lua - WildStar Lua and Lua functions available in WildStar
  • UI API - classes and functions provided by Carbine as the base game UI API.

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