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Lucy Lazarin
Gender Female
Race Mordesh
Type Superior
Level 40
Location Everstar Grove
Armor Rating 18

Lucy Lazarin is the daughter of Victor Lazarin. She's the only child since her mother, Mina, died after giving birth to her.

As of the Strain Ultra Drop Patch, she is infected by the Strain and killed afterwards by the player as part of a quest line.

Personality Edit

Lucy Lazarin was shown to be holding many responsibilities due to her father's absent mind and workload. In Celestion, she was concerned about the shortage of many non-Vitalus supplies (food and medicines) that was neglected by Victor Lazarin for his focus on Vitalus production. She also show similarity with her father due to their pursuit in alchemy and development of the cure on Contagion. She also showed elements of pragmatism and ruthlessness on her scientific pursuits, which is shown by her willingness to dissect a golden jabbit before her death. She also act as a coping mechanism for Victor Lazarin due to the only relative left in the family after the death of his wife. As a result, her infection and subsequent euthanasia caused Victor Lazarin a brief mental breakdown until he snapped out of it and continue his research on curing the Contagion.

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