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Aside from having a variety of racial mounts to choose from once you reach level 15, you’ll be able to customize those mounts with a ton of weird, wacky and wonderful add-ons to give your transportation that all important, personal touch.

Each mount has a customizable slot on each side, the head (or top for some of the most unusual mounts), and back of your chosen transport where you can add awesome stuff. So whether it’s a pair of saddle bags for your giant purple lizard, or a ramen bowl on top of your Chua ball, there’s something to fit in with the theme of your character. Most of these customizations can be bought with renown, but some will be unlocked through other activities too.




  • Flux Hoverboard lvl 25
  • Rosie Hoverboard lvl 25 (Renown Vendor)
  • Ringer Hoverboard lvl 25 (Renown Vendor sold as "Vortex")
  • Go-Go Hoverboard lvl 25



Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Players will now dismount if they are in an area that their mount can no longer navigate.; All hoverboards are created equal and have the same jump physics.
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