IconDominion  Nerissa Artan  IconDominion
Title Radiant Legion
Gender Female
Race Cassian
Type Grunt
Level 9
Role Quest Giver
Location Mistymurk Camp, Ellevar
Coordinates -2516,-2933

Nerissa Artan is a Cassian member of Radiant Legion who was introduced in Ellevar in the Mistymurk Camp. Based on one of her quest in Ellevar, she had an interest in possibly erotic romance novels ( The Aurin romance novel in her diary, “The Highborn: Seduction of Honor”, “The Highborn: Lust for Power”, and “The Highborn: Sovereignty Unveiled”), which embarrassed her when players discovered them. According to the lore, she was actually an author of period and romatic novels but had to run away to Radiant Legion after possibly watched by ICI for her satire against the Dominion in "EMPIRE OF RUIN" novel. She later appeared in Grimvault when her legion was deployed to deal with both the Strain and the Exiles.

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