Phineas T. Rotostar is CEO of the Protostar Corporation, as named after himself. He has a lust for wealth and efficiency and a pride in his company which is made up of clones of himself. While they retain his personality, the clones are conditioned with templates to help them achieve their optimal selves in their select area. He is a member of the Corporixian race, the rest of which is made up entirely of his clones.

"Protostar - making dreams come true. For money!"

The Beginning of Protostar Corporation

According to "The Protostar Difference!", Phineas was a mid-level manager at mid-level Genetics Lab. During his time before the foundation of Protostar Corporation, Corporixians were facing extinction from population decline due to their inherent distrust towards each other. In addition, the genetic template manipulation and trading also contributed to the intense distrust and subsequent population decline. Rotostar then bought the patents of various genetic templates and sold them to gain profit to purchase more. When he gained supreme power over the Corporixian government due to his immense wealth from his endeavour in genetic templates, he outlawed the genetic profiles except his own. Finally, he distributed food additive known as "Protostar Differences" that replaced the Corporixians' remaining genetic profiles with his own. Not only he "saved" the Corporixian population via his questionable methods, but he also transformed entire population of his species into an army of expendable clone employees.


Phineas T. Rotostar is known for his arrogance, greed, obsession towards profits and efficiency, and lack of responsibility for his mistakes. His traits are also present among his clone employees. His lack of ethics over business was also further emphasized by his broadcast of Protostar Games along with the academy for the new adventurers to train them for the aforementioned event in Drop 4. However, he did show constraints in his negative behavior to some degree, especially if the activities harm potential customers.



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