IconExiles  Protostar Pure Loftite Survey
Type Quest
Protostar Extraction Expert
Protostar Extraction Expert
Level 7
MinLevel 4
Location Icemaw CavernAlgoroc
Rewards 68IconCopper
Reputation +188 The Algoroc Accord
+188 Protostar
Episode Sunken Prospects
Previous Irradiated Creatures

Objectives Edit

Mark Pure Loftite Veins in Icemaw Caverns

Description Edit

A Protostar Loftite Extraction Expert wants you to enter Icemaw Cavern near Coldwater Gulch and plant flares to mark the locations of the purest loftite veins.

Progress Edit

You ventured inside Icemaw Cevern and found several veins of pure loftite. These spots will be ideal for Protostar's mining operations.

Completion Edit

Return to the Loftite Extration Expert in Coldwater Gulch.

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