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Queen Myala Everstar
Gender Female
Race Aurin
Type Superior
Level 40
Role Quest Giver
Location Gambler's Ruin
Armor Rating 18

Myala Everstar is the reigning Aurin queen and the last to rule from the historic Royal Grove on Arboria.

Description Edit

Myala is tall for an Aurin, with pale purple skin, flowing white hair, small, feline ears, and ice-blue eyes. She favors only small badges of her high office and prefers to wear subdued clothing. Her wooden crown was shaped from a cutting from the Mother Tree and helps keep her connected to the forests and her people on Arboria.

History Edit

Driven from the planet in the tenth year of her reign, this determined ruler has come to Nexus with the Exiles to find a way to stop the Dominion invasion destroying the forests of her homeworld. But first she seeks a safe refuge on Nexus, a place for her people to live according to their ways until they can return home. Weakened and exhausted, she now fights for her own life as her connection to the Mother Tree on Arboria grows ever more tenuous.

Personality Profile Edit

Myala is kind and compassionate to both nature and her friends. Being driven from Arboria has left her mentally and emotionally exhausted, however, but she hides this from others. Her resolve to defeat the Dominion remains strong.

Connection to Arboria Edit

The queen of the Aurin only recently left her homeworld, and she continues to extend her energies to protect those few Aurin left behind to guard the Mother Tree. The loss of so much forest habitat on distant Arboria has sapped her strength, but she has been able to mitigate her physical weakness with primal life energy on Nexus, drawing on the forests of the Eldan world to keep herself appearing outwardly strong even as exhaustion begins to take a toll.

Appearances Edit

Myala appears in the Gambler's Ruin within the Greenhouse, asking new players to rescue the Veggies that have been put in danger by the Dominion--and the Chua in particular--attack. She then sends players to assist her Consort, Arwick Redleaf, in furthering the defence.

She also appears in Everstar Grove assisting Elderoot, and in Celestion helping her people gain a foothold on Nexus.

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