IconExiles  Relic Calling
Type Quest
Physician Boravic
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Darkloam HoleCelestion
Rewards 3IconSilver 43IconCopper
class weapon
Darkloam Relic Mortar
Reputation +376 Protectors of Celestion
Episode The Lives and Deaths of Moodies
Previous Grave Robbery

Objectives Edit

Place the relics on the Moodie Focus Reliquary to summon Life and Death Essence Defeat the Summoned Death Essence in Darkloam Hole

Description Edit

Physician Boravic has asked you to use the Moodie Ritual Relecs you collected in Darkloam Hole to generate his hypothesized essences of life and death.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Return to Physician Boravic in Grimveil Enclave

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