Resembling tall mushrooms, Rootbrutes are a species of ambulatory fungus-animal hybrids that are unique to planet Nexus. Although they spend most of their time partially buried in the earth like plants, they can also easily uproot themselves and move about and attack with surprising agility. Rootbrutes walk on a set of three to six tentacle-like appendages that also serve as roots when the creature is embedded in the ground. These tentacles can also used as weapons when the creature feels threatened or is hunting for food.

Rootbrutes are omnivorous, and will attempt to eat almost anything that moves. They generally dwell in the forests, swamps and marshes of Nexus, where their natural camouflage helps conceal their true nature - at least until their tentacles erupt from the soil and impale their unwary victims.

SPECIAL ATTACK: Rootbrutes use their tentacles to attack, thrusting them into the ground beneath their victims and then impaling them from underneath.

ARCHIVE FUN FACT! Although extremely deadly, Rootbrutes make a delicious ingredient for soups, salads and hors d'oeuvres.

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