Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden
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Faction IconBothSimple
Type Dungeon
Minimum Level 40
Veteran Level 50
Location Wilderrun

Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden is a level 40 Dungeon located in north west Wilderrun. It is a large 5 man instance and features a non-linear level design. In total there are five bosses, five mini-bosses, and one event. However due to adjustments to the dungeon, in order to reduce the time it takes to complete the dungeon, players will only encounter four of the bosses and three of the mini-bosses during each playthrough.


Zealous Clawsister
  • 1 Interrupt Armor.
  • Paired with 2 Silent Predators.
  • Silent Predators: Large cat creatures that melee their primary target and occasionally cast "Pounce" on a random party members. Pounce should be avoided or interrupted. Silent Predators have 0 Interrupt Armor.
  • Sundering Surge: This is a frontal linear telegraph that can easily be avoid or interrupted since it also has a long cast time.
  • 2 Interrupt armor
Zealous Lifesinger
  • Paired with a Zealous Battlemaiden
  • 2 Interrupt armor
  • Vitarra's Will: Places a large healing / life-draining circle at the feet of the Lifesinger. Does high damage to any party members and high healing to any enemies within it. This skill must always be interrupted. If it is successfully cast, all party members must immediately move out of the circle.
Zealous Battlemaiden
  • Paired with a Zealous Lifesinger
  • 2 Interrupt armor
  • Sonic Slash: a frontal wide telegraph. Can be interrupted, but should be avoided to ensure interrupts will be available for the linked Lifesinger's Vitarra's Will.
Corrupted Veteran Swordmaiden
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • very high damage auto attackery high damage auto attack
  • Wicked Slash: a frontal wide telegraph that should be avoided since the cast time is very quick. Extremely high damage.
  • Whirlwind: the Swordmaiden spins around creating a circular telegraph underneath her and follows the person with the highest threat. Can be interrupted, or her target can kite her until the whirlwind ends. Does high damage.
Moldwood Mauler
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Mighty Leap: Leaps a few times in a row to a different random player's position. Damages and knocks down players who are hit. Can be avoided or interrupted.
  • Foul Scourge: a frontal attack that makes multiple telegraphs appear in front of the Mauler. Can be avoided or interrupted.
Corrupted Deathsting Hive Defender
  • Linked to 3 Corrupted Deathsting Swarmers
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Honey Snare: this will make a big honey trap appear under the Defender, snaring anyone who stands inside it. It should be interrupted.
Elder Priestess
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Well of Life: Like Vitarra's Will, puts a life-draining circle at the Priestess's feet. Must be interrupted.
  • Blinding AoE: a large asterisk-shaped telegraph centered on the Priestess. Does a small amount of damage and blinds. Though there is no cast bar, it can be interrupted if players act very very quickly when the telegraph starts, or can be easily be healed through. Enough interrupts must be saved to handle every Well of Life.
Life-Weaver Soulbinder
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Linked to 2 Life-Waver Initiates
  • Invocation: buffs the Initiates, making them larger and significantly increasing their damage. Should always be interrupted.
Life-Weaver Initiate
  • 0 Interrupt Armor
  • Always come in pairs, linked to a Life-Weaver Soulbinderr.
  • Titan's fist: a round telegraph around the initiate. Can be avoided or interrupted, as long as enough interrupts are saved for the Soulbinder's Invocation.
Corrupted Terrorantula
  • Linked with 2 other Corrupted Terrorantulas.
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Toxic Web: frontal round telegraph that should be avoided. Leaves a poisonous round telegraph on the ground for 5 seconds.
  • Burst: just before dying a Terrorantula will cast Burst, making it explode and spawn 3 corrupted Spiderlings. Burst should be interrupted when possible. If Spiderlings spawn, they should be tanked and cc'd as much as possible to reduce the tank's damage taken.
Moldwood Corruptor
  • 1 Interrupt Armor on normal mode, ?? on veteran
  • Vile Spew: Wide frontal telegraph that should be avoided. Players hit by it are disoriented and damaged. re damaged and disoriented.
  • Vile Tongue Lashing: this will target a player, put a telegraph around him, stun him, blind him, and deal damage during the cast. Should always be interrupted. The stun can be broken with a CC break.
Blighted Moldwood Asura
  • Linked to 2 other Blighted Moldwood Asura.
  • Caustic Barrage: the Asural teleports away and starts throwing blight circles at a location on the ground. Interrupting is ideal because it keeps the Asura grouped for AoE. Can also be avoided.
  • Deranged Paroxysm: an aoe casted around the Asura. Can be interrupted or avoided.
Moldwood Skurge Tactician
  • Linked with a Moldwood Skurge Slasher
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Reinforce: Adds a shield to a friendly target and increases its interrupt armor by 1. Can be interrupted.
  •  ?Rupture?: Large telegraphs appear, erupting blight when the cast is finished. Can be interrupted or avoided.
Moldwood Skurge Slasher
  • Linked with a Moldwood Skurge Tactician
  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Sundering Surge: A mid-range frontal linear telegraph that can easily be avoid or interrupted since it has a long cast time.
  • Crippling Slash: The Slasher jumps to a random player's location, then does a small circular attack. Anyone hit is disarmed. The Slasher jumps 5 times per Crippling Slash cast. Crippling Slash can be interrupted. If it is not interrupted, it should be avoided by spreading out and moving continuously during the ability.


Deadringer Shallaos

This boss will rotate between two phases, then switch into a combined final phase when her health is low. Instead of using a normal threat table, she will focus her attacks on the player with the highest stack of a debuff called Resonance. A message is displayed during the fight whenever the person with the most resonance changes, but players should also take care to communicate to the tank if their Resonance is high. The group should try not to push the tank over 10 stacks of Resonance.

  • Torine Chimes: floating crystals that roam the arena throughout the fight. Each time a player hits a chime they will receive one stack of Resonance.
  • Torine Chime Detonate: chimes occasionally do a small circular aoe on their location as they move around. It does damage and adds a stack of Resonance to any player hit.
  • Resonance: Increases damage taken by 1% per stack for the duration of the fight. During phase 1, Shallaos focuses her attacks on the player with the highest number of Resonance stacks.
Phase 1
  • 3 Interrupt Armor
  • Cleave: her auto attack is a frontal cleave, so stay behind her or on the sides. Cannot be interrupted.
  • Echo: Shallaos casts a wide frontal wave that starts at her location and moves outwards from her. Does damage and adds one stack of Resonance to any player hit. Can and should be interrupted.

Tank the boss, with dps and healers staying behind her or to her sides. Avoid hitting chimes. Communicate if Resonance is high.

Phase 2

At 75%, 50%, and 25% HP, Shallaos retreats to her northern shrine and creates a protection barrier around her.

  • Immune to damage.
  • Echoes: Echo wave attacks will now radiate from the shrines, moving around the room. Players hit will take damage and receive a stack of Resonance.
  • Shrine AoE: The shrines put a small static circular AoE at their base. Getting hit by these telegraphs increases Resonance.

Shallaos always casts Echo immediately when Phase 2 ends. Players *must* be ready and interrupt this cast as soon as possible. If it is not interrupted, she will sometimes cast a groupwide stun and detonate all chimes. 

Final Phase

After the third chime phase, Shallaos enters a final phase that combines all abilities from Phase 1 and Phase 2. Interrupt the Echo at the beginning of this phase to ensure a moment of opportunity. Ideally, players will be able to ignore waves and chimes during this phase and burn Shallaos down.

Rayna Darkspeaker

Rayna has 2 Interrupt Armor, but it is not necessary to interrupt any of her attacks. LAS spots may be better spent on a CC break and/or movement ability. She does a rotation between 2 phases, with a combined phase at the end on veteran mode.

Phase 1
  • Lava Pools: places circular telegraphs under three members of the group that do damage and leave a pool of lava at the player's location when the telegraph completes. Players must avoid the lava pools for the rest of the phase. This ability targets 1 player on normal mode.
  • Flame Leash: This instant cast tethers a random player in place. The targeted player will be the target of her next series of Raging Lava attacks. The tether can be broken with a CC break, but the Raging Lava attacks will continue.
  • Raging Lava: Shoots fire toward the player affected by Flame Leash. Usually cast multiple times in a row during phase 1. Avoid.
  • Flame leash: This is an instant cast and needs to be avoided. It also casts a tether on the target. Once the cast ends, the tether will also disappear. Using a CC break on the tether makes Raging lava easier to deal with. A fire telegraph will appear on the ground for 5 seconds.
  • Molten Wave (phase transition): fire geysers throw each player into the air and significantly damage them (usually to around 10% HP). Cannot be avoided or interrupted. Damage reduction abilities do seem to reduce the damage taken, but they are not necessary. After the geysers end, Phase 2 begins. The transitions occur at around 900k HP and 520k HP.

The Flame Leashed player should keep moving to avoid getting hit by the Raging Lava telegraphs, but be careful not to aim the Raging Lava at other group members.

Players with lava pools will need healing during the telegraph and after the pools spawn. Drop the pools in a convenient location for the group to avoid them, but don't go too far and out-range the healer. On veteran mode, the three targeted players should try to stay reasonably close to each other so that they can be healed together. The Lava Pools do continue to do damage during the Molten Wave phase transition. Players should be careful to avoid them before the phase transition, and dps may need to slow to allow forming Lava Pools to be dropped safely before the transition begins.

Phase 2

Rayna is immune to damage during phase 2.

  • Molten Wave (wall of fire): Walls of fire appear at the back of the room and move towards the entrance. Each wall has one safe zone that can be used to avoid it. Players who are hit will be knocked down and almost always die.

Players must avoid the waves while also healing up before the transition back into phase 1. Be mindful of where the healer is. Players may need to sprint, dodge roll, and use other movement abilities to avoid the waves. They move very quickly on veteran mode.

Final Phase (veteran)

After the second fire wall phase (under 30% health), Rayna enters a final phase using a combination of some of her earlier abilities. She uses Lava Pools just like in Phase 1. She occasionally casts Raging Lava but no longer tethers players. Finally, she uses the Molten Wave fire walls from Phase 2, but now they can spawn from any of the four walls of the room.

Ondu Life-Weaver

This is by far the easiest boss of the dungeon on normal mode, but his additional mechanics on veteran mode complicate the fight. He has 2 Interrupt Armor for his interruptable abilities. The encounter starts off as the usual tank, spank, and avoid red.

  • Plague Smash: shoots three linear telegraphs in front of Ondu. Can be interrupted on normal. On veteran, should be dodged to save interrupts for more damaging abilities.
  • Blighted Ground: Clover-shaped telegraphs appear on the ground and quickly turn into blighted areas. These disappear after a short time. Avoid.
  • Blight Totem: Ondu moves to the Blight Totem at the back of the room retreat to the back of the room and channels Creeping Blight. This pulls everyone to him and traps all but one member the group. A message will be displayed indicating that one of your group members “Radiates with Power”. This person will be put at low percentage health, will be given a giant absorb shield, and will turn green. This party member must run over the Blight Bombs that spawn at the entrance to destroy them before they reach other group members and the boss. If the tank is the person squashing bombs, dps should be careful of getting threat.
  • Heal Totem (veteran): Ondu starts healing himself. MUST be interrupted.
  • Enrage Totem (veteran): Ondu turns red and does significantly more damage. The tank should kite him around the room, using movement abilities if necessary to avoid being hit. DPS must be careful to avoid pulling threat.
  • Shield Totem (veteran): Ondu shields himself and spams Blighted Ground. Focus on avoiding telegraphs and move around the room as a group for heals.

Moldwood Overlord Skash

This is by far the easiest boss of the dungeon on normal mode, but his additional mechanics on veteran mode complicate the fight. He has 2 Interrupt Armor for his interruptable abilities. The encounter starts off as the usual tank, spank, and avoid red.

  • Summon the Swarm: At the pull and throughout the fight, Skash will spawn numerous small adds from the sides of the room. Group up on the tank so they can be picked up, and aoe them down.
  • Tentacle Wrath: a huge aoe with small square-shaped safe zones. Can be avoided, or interrupted for a moment of opportunity.
  • Corruption Heartseeker: A message will appear, "Skash's hammer pulses with dread intent." Ring-shaped telegraphs appear around each player's feet, and circular telegraphs start moving from the boss towards each player. On veteran mode, when the small circular telegraphs hit a player, they spawn small adds and do damage. Also on veteran, the room will be surrounded by a large telegraph that spirals inwards.
  • Corruption Siphon: Spawns Eggs at each players location that drain the player's health until they are interrupted or they reach full health. When their cast ends or is interrupted, the eggs hatch into eyeball adds that continuously cast Death Gaze, a frontal cone aoe. Interrupt the eggs from Corruption Siphon as quickly as possible.

Stack on the tank and aoe the initial adds down. Be ready to interrupt the first Tentacle Wrath. Corruption Heartseeker usually follows Tentacle Wrath, so the group should space out around all sides of the boss once Tentacle Wrath is done. One strategy for Corruption Heartseeker is to stay close to the boss, take the damage from the small circles, then stack on the tank immediately to heal back up and(not working anymore because of the bump) aoe down the adds. Another strategy is to kite the small red circles, which avoids spawning any small adds during this ability. After the Corruption Heartseeker, Skash does another Summon the Swarm, then a Corruption Siphon. A good veteran strategy for Corruption Siphon is to stack up at one edge of the room, interrupt the eggs' life drain, then run the boss back to the center of the room out of range of the eyeballs to continue the fight. The eyes can also be killed and interrupted.

Spiritmother Selene the Corrupted

Spoiler: you'll fight the Spiritmother.

Phase 1

The fight starts out as a tank and spank.

  • Nightmare Ripple: this is exactly the same wide telegraph as Echo. Players who are hit by it are knocked down and take high damage. It can be interrupted during Phase 1 but not during Phase 3. it should be interrupted in Phase 1 or avoided if the Spiritmother completes the cast.
  • After Phase 1, group up near the fountain (the opposite end of the room from the entrance) and prepare to find the light.
Phase 2

Selene becomes one with the shadows.

  • Shadow Meld: Selene is immune to all attacks.
  •  ?Shadow Grip?: Selene grips one player into the darkness with her.

During this phase, players take damage any time they are standing in the darkness. In order to avoid the shadows, players must stay in the light zones as much as possible. Each light zone will fade after a certain amount of time, so players will have to move from one to another. Move as a group for heals. The player targeted for her grip attack should move slightly away from the group so that only they are pulled in and damaged. They should quickly run back to the party.

Phase 3

When phase 3 starts, the darkness disappears. Selene splits her essence into multiple Darkness Effigies. The phase continues until all Darkness Effigies are killed.

  • Darkness Effigy: Multiple copies of Selene spawn throughout the room and do a fast cast before teleporting away. They need to be interrupted and killed quickly.
  • AoE Blind: Selene blinds the group and does moderate damage to them. Cannot be interrupted.
  • Nightmare Ripple: a wide wave telegraph like in phase 1. Players who are hit by it are knocked down and take high damage. However, it cannot be interrupted during this phase. Avoid the wave of shadow.
  • Selene will still cast Nightmare Ripple while the party is blinded. Till your camera up so the 'visible' area lets you see her feet to check which direction the telegraph is moving. The first priority is dodging the telegraph. Second priority is interrupting and killing the Darkness Effigies. Stay near the fountain grouped as much as needed for healing.

Once you've killed all her doubles Selene will get out of the shadows and you'll be able to deal damage to her again.

Phase 4

Selene transitions back into Phase 1, but with an extra ability.

  • Shade Prison: Selene tethers a random player and make 5 doubles of Selene appear around them. One by one, the doubles will cast an aoe on their location. The best ways to deal with this ability are cc breaking the tether, killing the tether, or just avoiding each AoE. The adds can also be interrupted and killed, but they disappear at the end of the cast anyway. The primary focus should be on interrupting Selene's Nightmare Ripple and damaging her.
  • She will then go back in Phase 2 then Phase 3. Once the second Phase 3 is done, she will then go to Phase 5.
Phase 5

During this phase, Selene still casts Nightmare Ripple and Shade Prison. She also uses two new abilities.

  • Blackout: this huge AoE covers the entire room except one light zone safe spot. Players must reach the safe zone before the telegraph finishes. Players who are hit will almost certainly die.
  •  ?Shadow Add (veteran)?: After casting Blackout, Selene summons an add that should be cleaved down with the boss.

Optional Bosses

Corrupted Lifecaller Khalee

A harder version of Elder Priestesses.

  • 2 Interrupt Armor for her interruptable abilities
  • Blind Aoe: a large asterisk-shaped telegraph centered on the boss. Does a small amount of damage and blinds. Though there is no cast bar, it can be interrupted if players act very very quickly when the telegraph starts. However, if the other abilities are interrupted her blind can be easily be healed through. Enough interrupts must be saved to handle every Well of Life cast and the Void Elemental's Desecrating Eruptions ability.
  • Well of Life: attaches a circular telegraph to a player that does damage, drops shadow pools on the ground, and regenerates Khalee's health. Must be interrupted. If the cast completes, the player affected has to get away from the others. The more people are hit by that telegraphs, the more hp regeneration Khalee will be granted.
  • Immoral Collusion: at 66% and 33%, Khalee summons a Void Elemental add. Immortal Collusion is not interruptable.
  • Void Elemental: The elemental summoned by Immoral Collusion casts Desecrating Eruptions, which must be interrupted. The Elemental must be killed as quickly as possible. It has 2 Interrupt Armor.

Corrupted Edgesmith Torian

A stalker-esque miniboss with an annoying disarm ability.

  • 4 Interrupt Armor for her interruptable abilities
  • Laceration: Continuously puts a bleed on anyone standing in front of Torian. She should be kept facing away from the dps and healer.
  • Sundering Surge: A mid-range charge attack.
  • Crippling Slash: Torian jumps around the room to a random player's location then does a small circular attack around her. She jumps 5 times per Crippling Slash cast. Anyone she hits is disarmed. Should be avoided by spreading out and sprinting continuously during the ability.
  • Blade Dance: Torian stands in the center of the room and shoots out large purple ninja stars. Should always be interrupted if possible. The ability is cast often enough that the same 5 interrupts may be on cooldown for the second cast. If the cast cannot be interrupted, move away from Torian toward the edges of the room where it is easier to dodge the blades.

Corrupted Deathbringer Dareia

A harder version of Corrupted Veteran Swordmaidens.

  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • High damage frontal cleave auto attack. DPS and heal should never stand in it.
  • Wicked Slash: frontal wide attack, avoid it.
  • Whirlwind: spins and follows the target with highest threat. Should always be interrupted.
  • Warrior's Charge: leaps to the location of a random player then casts an aoe. Should be avoided; dodge rolling forward seems to be a good way to get out of the red circle it leaves behind.

Hammerfist Moldjaw

  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Mighty Leap: The boss leaps to a random player's location three times. Just avoid this attack.
  • Mesmerize: Very large circular telegraph centered on the Moldjaw. Should be interrupted.
  • Foul Scourge: a frontal attack that makes multiple telegraphs appear in front of the Moldjaw. Should be Interrupted.

Players should establish an interrupt rotation, using single players with 3 interrupts or groups of players, to interrupt his Mesmerize and Foul Scourge.

Lifeweaver Guardian

  • 2 Interrupt Armor
  • Taste of Death: Huge circular telegraph centered on the Guardian. Deals large damage and siphons health. Must be interrupted. He does this attack every 15-20 seconds meaning you will need more than 1 group of interrupts to interrupt it every time.
  • Nature's Fury: Circular telegraph immediately in front of the boss. Knocks players back and makes traps appear. Can be avoided, or interrupted as long as enough interrupts are saved for Taste of Death. The snare can be broken with a CC break when stacks get too high.
  • Withering Shout: this is a snare that stacks, this can be interrupted but since it deals no damage at all and your top interrupt priority is Taste of Death you can just let it go through.
  •  ?Healing Debuff (veteran)?: a short debuff making people unhealable. The tank should use a cooldown during the debuff.

Flame-Crazed Demon

  • Infinite Interrupt Armor
  • Conjure Flames: summons tiny fire elementals called Flamespawns that explode when a player is near. Walk near them to trigger their explosion, then move quickly before it goes off.
  •  ?Flame Burst AoE?: a circular blast of fire explodes around the Demon. Does not need to be avoided.
  • Burning Rage: increases fire damage as the fight goes on.
  •  ?Rain of Fire?: the Demon calls down a rain of fire balls. Avoid.

Burn this boss (pun intended) and remember to clear the Flamespawns if they get overwhelming.


After jumping through the center of the map to place the spirit totems, there is a difficult event to conquer. Four waves of enemies attack while the Spiritmother attempts to charge up the four totems. But fear not, for every wave you clear you get a tasty buff to make it easier to survive!

Throughout the event, try to keep the enemies grouped up for better aoe damage and interrupt as much as possible, prioritizing more difficult abilities. Pick up the enemies as soon as they spawn instead of waiting for them to run to the center of the totem area. Each wave's kill timer ends when the Spiritmother finishes charging up a totem, so new waves will spawn with old ones if you fall behind.

Wave 1
  • 2 Corrupted Deathbringers, 1 Moldwood Skurge Tactician
Wave 2
  • 3 Blighted Moldwood Corruptor, 1 Corrupted Elder Priestess

Group the adds as soon as possible so they can be AoE'd down. Always interrupt the Priestess's Well of Life and focus the Priestess first, then re-gather and kill the Corruptors 

Wave 3
  • 2 Moldwood Skurge Slasher, 1 Corrupted Veteran Swordmaiden

Interrupt as much as possible, but save 3 interrupts for the Swordmaiden's Whirlwind. Remember to either interrupt Crippling Slash or run around while it is active. 

Wave 4
  • 1 Moldwood Mauler, 1 Moldwood Corruptor, 1 Corrupted Deathsting Hive Defender

Interrupt as much as possible, prioritizing the Corruptor's Vile Toungue Lashing. Avoid the Mauler's leap attack.  

Medal requirements

  • Bronze IconCopper: All optional objectives.
  • Silver IconSilver: Same as Bronze, but with a time limit of 75 minutes.
  • Gold IconGold: Same as Silver, but all challenges completed successfully and no deaths in the team.

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Patch changes

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Moved spawns around within Lifeweaver Terrace and Moldwood Corruption.; Added a few more clusters to Moldwood Corruption.
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