The Exile military outpost dubbed Skywatch was initially set up as little more than an observation post during the settlement of the Galeras region. Neither the Falkrin natives nor the mysterious Stormseeker Pell had proven to be much of a threat to the first settlers, but as minor skirmishes began to break out between the locals and the newcomers, Commander Durek ordered a stronger merc presence to build up Skywatch into a true military fort.

Durek's timing could not have been better - now that Osiric and the Stormwing Falkrin have declared war on all offworlders, Skywatch has become a crucial stronghold for the Exiles' war in Galeras. Still, nothing could have prepared the Exiles for the full force of the Falkrin onslaught, and Skywatch is sure to see even more fortification and even more mercs arriving in the coming months. ICI sabotage in Galeras data collection clearly shows the cables connecting power-generating windmills in the Galeras region with the local power station have suffered repeated sabotage from agents of the Dominion. The precision of the damage, the secrecy with which it was accomplished, and the strategic importance of the targets to Exiles in the region points to the involvement of the Imperial Corps of Intelligence.

Galeras Subzones
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