IconDominion  Sobering Up
Type Quest
Corrigan Doon
Corrigan Doon
Level 12
MinLevel 9
Location The Emerald PlainsEllevar
Rewards 68IconCopper
Reputation +94 The Ellevar Sanction
Episode A Fair Price
Previous The Infamous Corrigan Doon
Next Locating the Crash Site

Objectives Edit

  • Collect a bottle of Nap Nap Juice from the Landing Pad
  • Buy a bottle of Oxian Oil from the Armor Shop
  • Acquire a bottle of Prayer Wine from the Chapel
  • Mix the ingredients in the Mix-O-Matic in the Emperor's Crown Tavern
  • Heat the concoction in the Boil-O-Matic in the Emperor's Crown Tavern

Description Edit

Corrigan Doon is drunk in the Emperor's Crown Tavern. In order to fulfill his contract to rescue Lord Horacos' daughter he needs to sober up, and fast! Corrigan has asked you to prepare a special remedy that gets him through situations like this.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Return to Corrigan Doon in the Emperor's Crown Tavern

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