Human Spellslinger Art
Role: Ranged DPS, Healer
Equipment: Dual Mag Pistols
Armor: Light Armor
Resource: Spell Surges and Focus
Primary Attributes: Finesse (DPS), Insight (Healing)
Secondary Attributes Moxie, Brutality (DPS) (Healing)
Dominion Races: Cassian, Chua, Draken.
Exiles Races: Human, Aurin, Mordesh

Spellslingers are deadly and dangerous pistoleers, often found beyond the Fringe working as bounty hunters, bodyguards, and guns-for-hire.

Spellslingers fight with a unique style that's a lethal combination of magic, reflexes and instinct - making them some of the most feared combatants in the galaxy. By wielding specially designed mag pistols, Spellslingers manipulate arcane energy to create powerful magic sigils – greatly increasing their accuracy and infusing their projectiles with destructive power.

Along with their deadly weapons, Spellslingers also use acrobatic agility to quickly move around the battlefield - positioning themselves to inflict the most damage upon their enemies. These deadly abilities, coupled with steely-eyed resolve, make the Spellslinger a truly frightening foe in battle.

Gear Edit

Mag pistols

For centuries, the number of bullets Spellslingers could shoot per second was an infuriating bottleneck. Then, belatedly recalling that they were ambidextrous, they added a second pistol to their arsenal. The rest is exit wound history.


If there's another thing they hate, it's losing. For generations, Spellslingers fought duels by standing stationary at opposite ends of deserted streets, only to find themselves defeated by the agile. Humiliated by their own immobility, they delved into the arcane arts of somersaulting. Needless to say, their win percentages improved by leaps and bounds.

Magic sigils

If there's one thing Spellslingers hate, it's a fair fight. That's why they supplement their deadeye marksmanship by juicing up their weapons and ammo with sorcerous sigils. Who says gunfighting and the occult don't mix? The Spellslingers' victims, and they aren't talking.

Abilities Edit

Icon Name Level
Icon skillspellslinger mobile fire Quick Draw 1
Icon skillspellslinger charged shot Charged Shot 2
Icon skillspellslinger ignite Ignite 4
Icon skillspellslinger wild barrage Wild Barrage 6
Icon skillspellslinger cone of frost Chill 9
Icon skillspellslinger rapid fire Rapid Fire 11
Icon skillspellslinger flame burst Flame Burst 15
Icon skillspellslinger assassinate Assassinate * 18
Icon skillspellslinger trueshot True Shot 21
Icon skillspellslinger magic missile Arcane Missiles 31
Icon Name Level
Icon skillspellslinger runic healing Runic Healing 6
Icon skillspellslinger distortion Runes of Protection 6
Icon skillspellslinger vitality burst Vitality Burst 9
Icon skillspellslinger arcane infusion Astral Infusion 11
Icon skillspellslinger healing salve Healing Salve 13
Icon skillspellslinger dual fire Dual Fire 15
Icon skillspellslinger healing torrent Healing Torrent* 18
Icon skillspellslinger call the void Voidspring 21
Icon skillspellslinger regenerative pulse Regenerative Pulse 24
Icon skillspellslinger sustain Sustain 27
Icon Name Level
Icon skillspellslinger gate Gate 3
Icon skillspellslinger frozen bolt Flash Freeze 9
Icon skillspellslinger void slip Void Slip 13
Icon skillspellslinger arcane shock Arcane Shock 15
Icon skillspellslinger purify Purify 18
Icon skillspellslinger gather mana Gather Focus 18
Icon skillspellslinger void pact Void Pact* 20
Icon skillspellslinger spatial shift Spatial Shift 24
Icon skillspellslinger phase shift Phase Shift 27
Icon skillspellslinger affinity Affinity 31
Items marked with * are unlocked through AMPs.

AMPs Edit

Assault Hybrid A/S Support Hybrid S/U Utility Hybrid A/U
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

Source Edit

AMP Source Zone Subzone Coordinates
[Evasive Manuevers]
IconExilesSimple Merchant Voxic
IconDominionSimple Provisions Officer Windfree
-2432, -1884
5758, -2582
[Augmented Armor]
[Frost Snap]
[Hyper Shield]
IconExilesSimple Mojo Moodies (quest)
IconDominionSimple Greenbough Guardian (quest)
Spearclaw Post
Gienview's Bulkwark

1028, -3059
[Deadly Chain] IconExilesSimple Mika
IconDominionSimple Merchant Clara Clearfield
Bloodfire Village
-5621, -709
4089, -3938
[Final Salvo] IconExilesSimple Mika
IconExilesSimple Lady Saphis
IconDominionSimple Merchant Clara Clearfield
IconDominionSimple Melri Gladewalker
Bloodfire Village
Lightreach Mission
Sylvan Glade
-5621, -709
-2555, -3500
4089, -3938
2706, -2406
[Savior] IconExilesSimple Lady Saphis
IconDominionSimple Melri Gladewalker
Lightreach Mission
Sylvan Glade
-2555, -3500
2706, -2406
[Enhanced Shields]
[Focus Stone]
[Surge Damage]
IconExilesSimple Dakahari
IconDominionSimple Reya Resinbough
Farside Virtue's Landing
Walker's Landing
5354, -4556
5899, -4951
[Danger Danger]
[Flame Armor]
[Frost Armor]
[Penetrating Rounds]
[Spell Armor]
[True Sight]
IconExilesSimple Supply Officer Phenoxia
IconDominionSimple Supply Officer Clayre
Legion's Way
FCON Headquarters
-2856, -496
4215, -2257
[Critical Surge]
IconExilesSimple Supply Officer Phenoxia
IconDominionSimple Supply Officer Clayre
Legion's Way
FCON Headquarters
-2856, -496
4215, -2257
[Critical Surge]
[Healing Aura]
[Holy Roller]
[Homeward Bound]
[The One]
[Withering Magic]
IconExilesSimple Provisioner Jazira
IconDominionSimple Merchant Snowglimmer
Wilderrun Fort Vigilance
Fool's Hope
1271, -2009
2066, -1729

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Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Adjusted gun grip location for Aurin female Spellslingers.; Players will no longer be stuck in combat after dying within a dungeon or raid.

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