The common Splorg is a variety of space-borne invertebrate which can be found on most planets, and Nexus is no exception. Their world of origin is unknown, although it is widely theorized that ancient space travelers - possibly the Eldan themselves - either intentionally or inadvertently distributed them across the known galaxy. They are surprisingly intelligent for overgrown worms, and many individuals keep them as pets. Others have found them to be a nutritious and readily available source of protein.

Physical description Edit

Splorg resemble caterpillars about the size of a jabbit. They move by inching their bodies along the surface of the ground, but are also capable of climbing rough surfaces. Their soft, fuzzy hides are often covered with colorful, blotchy camouflage.

Biology Edit

The immune systems of the ubiquitous invertebrates called splorg are famously resistant to a wide spectrum of diseases. As splorg can be found on nearly every planet in the galaxy, it is hypothesized that their resistance to so many infection vectors are what has allowed them to thrive in nearly every environment.

Subspecies Edit

Lollilopp Edit

The lollilopp is a somewhat common subspecies of splorg found on Nexus. They excrete a potent nerve toxin as a defense mechanism which can have hallucinatory and narcotic effects on some vertebrate species. Lopp, one of whom named the subspecies while under the influence of same, are especially fond of the creatures.

Our surveys show the SPLORG SUBSPECIES designated 'LOLLILOPP' has suffered a marked decline in population, the beginning of which appears to coincide with the arrival of the first Lopp on Nexus.
It is extremely likely these events are directly related. It is unknown whether the Lopp can be convinced not to cause the subspecies to die out, or whether it is worth trying. There are many areas of study worth our while, and I'm not sure a hallucinatory slug is one of the most urgent.
- Doctor Kropilkin, XAS Xenobiologist Assigned to Splorg Research Splorg Immune Systems
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