Role: Melee DPS, Tank
Equipment: Claws
Armor: Medium Armor
Resource: Suit Power
Primary Attributes: Brutality (DPS), Technology (Tank)
Secondary Attributes Moxie, Finesse (DPS) Insight, Grit (Tank)
Dominion Races: Cassian, Mechari, Draken
Exiles Races: Human, Aurin, Mordesh

Stalkers are feared throughout the galaxy as silent and deadly assassins who always eliminate their targets.

Summary Edit

The Stalkers’ training begins with an injected serum of advanced nanotechnology. The nanites within the serum instantly create a cerebral interface that gives the Stalker access to powerful technological abilities—such as advanced stealth capabilities, optical holoprojection, and enhanced defenses. This interface also accelerates and enhances the Stalker’s physiological systems, allowing them to execute impressive physical feats and complex martial arts disciplines. These abilities, used in concert with a pair of well-balanced alloy clawblades, make the Stalker a fearsome opponent on the field of battle.

Stalkers are also masters of tactical combat. Using their neurological enhancements, they strategically control the battlefield, utilizing combat hardware such as proximity mines to maximize their kill potential in each and every encounter. Their cerebral interface also provides real-time analytical data during encounters, allowing Stalkers to energize their clawblades based on their opponents’ greatest vulnerabilities. The result? During combat, Stalkers leave a pile of corpses in their wake before silently disappearing into the shadows.

Gear Edit


Guns may have better range and cause less muss, but where's the fun in that? Claws of every conceivable length, shape, sharpness, balance, and reflectivity give the discriminating Stalker no end of options when it comes to slicing open every artery at once. Just because you're invisible doesn't mean your opponents' innards have to be.


Who says business and pleasure can't awkwardly mix? Claws may be fine for everyday massacres, but for special occasions, Stalkers enjoy an assortment of swanky accessories such as amplification spikes, tether-mines and nano-darts. Put the sass back in your assassination or your blood-money back!

Nano Skin Edit

The Stalker class mechanic (the R Button by default) is the nano suit.  Nano suits have a passive ability that is always active, and can be activated to enter stealth.  More suit modes become active as the character levels, with the third suit becoming available at level 15.  Outside of combat there is no cooldown on entering stealth.  Stealth can be entered during combat, but being hit will break the stealth.  Entering stealth does not appear to have any default impact on your threat level in groups.

The first available skin will guarantee a critical hit when attacking from stealth.  

The second skin provides a boost to dodge regeneration and increases movement speed when attacking from stealth.  

The third skin passively doubles threat generation and increases deflection chance.

Abilities Edit

Icon Name Level
Shred Shred 1
Impale Impale 2
IconAnalyzeWeakness Analyze Weakness 4
IconRuin Ruin 6
IconCripple Cripple 11
IconNeutralize Neutralize 13
IconPunish Punish 15
IconPhlebotomize Phlebotomize 18
IconClone Clone * 18
IconConcussiveKicks Concussive Kicks 24
Icon Name Level
IconNanoField Nano Field 6
IconWhiplash Whiplash 9
IconRazorDisk Razor Disk 11
IconNanoVirus Nano Virus 15
IconAmplificationSpike Amplification Spike * 18
IconDecimate Decimate 18
Frenzy Frenzy 21
Razor Storm Razor Storm 27
IconSteadfast Steadfast 27
IconNanoDart Nano Dart 31
Icon Name Level
Stagger Stagger 3
False Retreat False Retreat 6
IconReaver Reaver 9
Pounce Pounce 9
IconTetherMine Tether Mine 13
Tactical Retreat Tactical Retreat 15
IconBloodthirst Bloodthirst * 18
IconPreparation Preparation 21
Collapse Collapse 24
IconStimDrone Stim Drone 31
Items marked with * are unlocked through AMPs.

AMPs Edit

Assault Hybrid A/S Support Hybrid S/U Utility Hybrid A/U
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

Source Edit

AMP Source Zone Subzone Coordinates
IconExilesSimple Merchant Voxic
IconDominionSimple Provisions Officer Windfree
-2432, -1884
5758, -2582
[Avoidance Mastery]
[Trail of Cinders]
[Unfair Advantage]
IconExilesSimple Mojo Moodies (quest)
IconDominionSimple Greenbough Guardian (quest)
Spearclaw Post
Gienview's Bulkwark

1028, -3059
[Stout] IconExilesSimple Mika
IconDominionSimple Merchant Clara Clearfield
Bloodfire Village
-5621, -709
4089, -3938
[Regeneration] IconExilesSimple Mika
IconExilesSimple Lady Saphis
IconDominionSimple Merchant Clara Clearfield
IconDominionSimple Melri Gladewalker
Bloodfire Village
Lightreach Mission
Sylvan Glade
-5621, -709
-2555, -3500
4089, -3938
2706, -2406
[Left in the Dust] IconExilesSimple Lady Saphis
IconDominionSimple Melri Gladewalker
Lightreach Mission
Sylvan Glade
-2555, -3500
2706, -2406
[Battle Mastery]
[Can't Stop This]
[My Turn]
[Stealth Regen]
IconExilesSimple Dakahari
IconDominionSimple Reya Resinbough
Farside Virtue's Landing
Walker's Landing
5354, -4556
5899, -4951
[Blood Rush]
[Heavy Impact]
[Iron Man]
[Quick Reboot]
[Stay Afloat]
[Who's Next]
IconExilesSimple Supply Officer Phenoxia
IconDominionSimple Supply Officer Clayre
Legion's Way
FCON Headquarters
-2856, -496
4215, -2257
[Keep Up]
[Empowered Attack Mastery]
[Tech Mastery]
[Brutality Master]
IconExilesSimple Zephix
IconDominionSimple Fenan Sunstrider
Whitevale Palerock Post
Thermock Hold
2137, -785
4578, -791
[Fatal Wounds]
[Follow Up]
[Make it Rain]
[Stealth Mastery]
[Last Stand]
IconExilesSimple Zephix
IconDominionSimple Fenan Sunstrider
Whitevale Palerock Post
Thermock Hold
2137, -785
4578, -791

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Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Even Stalkers cannot evade the watchful eye of Eldan constructs in the first of many mysterious encounters with Drusera.; Added a 1 second cooldown to stealth while out of combat.

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