The Store is a added feature, introduced with the F2P business model. 

WildStar Store

The new store consists of:

Loyalty Program

Displays points earned by any purchase made with real money (Ncoin,  WildStar game purchase, game time) or with C.R.E.D.D and additional points can be earned by making purchases in the in-game store. 


This is currency that can be purchased in the Store and is used to purchase Store items. Previous to the release on Steam, NCoint was used, and is still used in other NCSoft published games. Protobucks are purchsed using funds in the Steam Wallet. If no funds are available in the Wallet, the player will be given the option to fund their Wallet. Players will then need to re-attempt to purchase Protobucks. 


This is currency that is obtained via loot or rewards and can be used to purchase items from the Store. This is an option for players who do not want to spend real money. 


This button will take players to the Account Inventory where they can claim items purchased. Items purchased from the Store are Giftable and Tradeable until used by a character. 

Purchase History

Shows a history of purchases made in the Store. This list is currently sorted by date. 


Clicking this button will show a window of currently featured items. Featured items are occasionally available at a discounted price. 


This window explains the new Signature business model and includes a button that will take players to an external NCSoft window.


Bundles put together to be a multiple item single price purchase. 


Contains Costumes, Weapons and Dyes


Contains Decor and other housing items including new plot sky and ground options. 


Additional mounts not currently available from the mount vendor. 


These are items that can be consumed by the player. Flasks are generally potions or buffs. Services include convenience items such as portable services or stations and one-time character specific items such as rename tokens. 


Account and Character Unlocks. Signature players will have some of these items available in their monthly subscription. Account unlocks include extra costume slots and additional Decor limits. These unlocks these limits across all characters. Character unlocks are character specific.


This includes Convenience items such as the Harvesting Multi Tool that replaces all other tools with a single item as well as Rune Services.

Keys and Currencies

Service Tokens, Lockbox Keys, Fortune Coins and similar items are in this category.
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