Use this at the top of all WS client CVar wiki pages, including regular information pages, category pages, and specific CVar pages. Any pages with this template will be added to Category:CVars.

Usage: {{cvar|<state>|<version>}}

1= [notoc,removed,deprecated]
notoc - disable page TOC, item pages wont show TOC regardless
removed - for cvar item pages, marks as removed from the game
deprecated - for cvar item pages, marks as 'no longer should be used'
2= for cvar item pages, game version if removed or deprecated, like 2.2.0


{{cvar}} - use on any CVar information page, even category pages, that are related to CVars
{{cvar|notoc}} - for pages that have a TOC, that are having issues with the TOC
{{cvar|removed|2.2.2}} - for individual CVar item pages, to change the active state of the CVar item

Boilerplate for CVar item page:


: = 9

== UI ==


== Summary ==

== Notes ==
<!-- one or two line explanation -->

: <!-- 9 (default) - description of option --> = 9

== UI ==
<!-- one or two line UI-location and explanation of option in UI -->
: <!-- 9 - "Label of option verbatim from game UI" -->

== Summary ==
<!-- rest of explanation -->

== Notes ==
<!--* bullet-ed wiki list of notes or patch changes, if any -->

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