This is another quest template. It includes the faction icon for the quest, the level of the quest (which the other templates didn't include) and the name of the quest.


{{questlong|<faction>|<level>|<quest name>|<display name>}}

1= faction
Either Dominion, Exiles, or Both. If the faction is left blank, it is assumed to be Both
2= level
The nominal level of the quest (not the level at which it can be obtained).
Symbols can be added for various kinds of special quests:
Symbol Quest type
Da Daily
D Dungeon
R Raid
TS Tradeskill
For the TS, you can place the name of the specific Tradeskill.
3= quest name
The name of the article that describes the quest. Usually this is simply the name of the quest.
4= display name (optional)
Can be added when the name of the quest you want to show is different from the name of the article.


Dominion quest:

{{questlong|Dominion|1|The Key to Power}}

IconDominionSimple [1] The Key to Power

Exiles quest:

{{questlong|Exiles|1|The Key to Power}}

IconExilesSimple [1] The Key to Power

Both quest:

{{questlong|Both|1|The Key to Power}}

IconBothSimple [1] The Key to Power

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