IconDominion  The Face of Justice
Type Quest
Toric Antevian
Level 7
MinLevel 4
Location Lightreach ChurchEllevar
Rewards 4IconSilver 1-IconCopper
Justicebringer Flexpants
Lightreach Treads
Hands of Justice
Reputation +564 Ellevar Sanction
+546 Vigilant Church
Episode The Rising Storm
Previous The Cruel and the Credulous

Objectives Edit

  • Find where Pyrius Octavian is hiding in the Lightreach Church
  • Confront Pyrius Octavian about poisoning the Stormseekers in the cellar of the Lightreach Church
  • invis
  • Bring Pyrius Octavian to justice in the cellar of the Lightreach Church
  • Exit the cellar of the Lightreach Church

Description Edit

Toric Antevian has asked you to confront Pyrius Octavian in Lightreach Church about his poisoning of the Stormseeker Pell.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Speak with Toric Antevian in Lightreach Mission

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