IconDominion  Toric Antevian  IconDominion
Title Radiant
Gender Male
Race Cassian
Type Superior
Level 50
Target 40-Man
Armor Rating 18

Toric Antevian is the commander of the Radiant Legion, the militant arm of Vigilant Church. He is also the brother of Calidor Antevian, who served the Vigilant Church.

Biography Edit

Toric Antevian and his twin brother, Calidor Antevian, were born in a lowborn family on Cassus. At the age of 10, Toric and Calidor Antevian were sent to join the Vigilant Church. Toric Antevian chose to serve the Radiant Legion as a soldier, while his twin Calidor became a member of the clergy. He learned various fighting techniques and tactics from both Cassian and Draken warriors. His fame in victory over the cult named True Sons of Cassus in Grudgel Downs earned him prestige and the title of "Vigilant Star". By the time Nexus was discovered, Toric had become the youngest commander of any Dominion Legion, and the first lowborn commander.

Personality Edit

Toric Antevian is suprisingly humble despite his fame and popularity among Cassians, especially the lowborn. He also shows selflessness and compassion to the citizens of Dominion. Despite his reputation of virtue and moral purity, he is currently engaging in a secret romantic relationship with Artemis Zin. Despite the militaristic nature of his occupation, Toric occasionally shows a softer, more pragmatic side.

By the time the player reaches Southern Grimvault, they find a journal detailing his fear of death and doubts about his enlistment in Radiant Legion after fighting against the Strain, revealing he has always been reluctant of his position in Radiant Legion, thinking Calidor would be better suited for his career had Toric not been physically stronger. As with the infamous interview revealing his relationship, it was disposed of too late.


Trivia Edit

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