For those brave galactic prospectors hoping to strike it rich, a visit to Tremor Ridge might be in order. Tremor Ridge is a small mining camp in the lawless wilderness of western Algoroc. Inhabited by rugged loftite prospectors and their families, Tremor Ridge has always been a dangerous place because of its location beyond the borderlands--and recently it was attacked by a cutthroat group of space pirates known as the Deadstar Marauders who are stealing loftite, taking slaves, and killing anyone who tries to get in their way. Accustomed to the dangers inherent in their trade, the folk of Tremor Ridge are hunkering down and getting ready for a fight.

The small mining community of Tremor Ridge is home to a wide variety of Exile miners, prospectors, and independent operators planted right next to the famed Loftite Cliffs of Algoroc - where the valuable blue crystal is so abundant that shards twice as big as a man float in the air, and smaller chunks can be plucked from the red stone that line the hills of the region. Though the small town has now and again had to endure criminal elements, it is generally seen as a peaceful place of ample opportunity.

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