Thanks to the awesome support and contributions of the WildStar fans, The Official WildStar Online Community wikia has been selected to participate in the Wikia Community Choice Awards. We worked together with the Admins to select some of the more popular content of the game, and you - the WildStar Community - get to vote on your favorite of the choices provided. To vote click on the image you're wanting to vote for, and once you do you'll see the latest numbers for each item. To learn more about the nominee, click the link above each image - have fun!

UPDATE: Your votes have been counted and the winners have been chosen. Thank you for all of your votes!

Best Race

Aurin female 2

Best Class

Medic resonators

Best Non-Player Faction

Male and Female Lopps

Best Feature

Ws 2014-12 housing hatch interior

Best Non-Player Character

Mondo Zax

Best Region

Farside moon map

Was your favorite feature, class or NPC not mentioned? Unfortunately we couldn't include them all for this poll but let us know who, what and why in the comments below!

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