Today Carbine's Senior Game Designer and resident Shiphand expert posted an article regarding the development of Veteran versions of our current Shiphand Missions. As she states in the article, many players (myself included) have often times passed up a level appropriate Shiphand while leveling. Eventually I get back to them and blow them up for the achievement.   

Well, now they can be rewarding even at level 50. According to the post, here is what you can look forward to in the Veteran Shiphands: 

Renown rewards, even if you play it solo. 

Dailies (ok, maybe not my favorite feature but if you are gonna go anyway....)

Entrance via Group Finder even if you go it alone. No hoofing it to the entrance.  This feature is brand new and will be available for the regular Shiphands as well. 

A little extra content and a little more story and still plenty of time to get that Gold Medal. 

Want to learn more? Head on over to the Offical Site and check out the post for yourself! 

Developing Veteran Shiphands

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