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Vanity Pets Coming to WildStar

Today Lead Creative Director Chad Moore announced that the next update for WildStar was now available on the PTR. Codenamed Invasion:Nexus, Moore described the content to be a result of community feedback and desires. First on the top of my list? Vanity pets! While I understand pets don't really have anything to offer to gameplay or leveling, tons of MMO players have come to enjoy the company of vanity pets and will do whatever is nessessary to obtain them. While the article doesn't go into detail on how to obtain them, I am positive we will find out soon.

Other items mentioned on the blog includes access to new gameplay systems, new ways to compete in PVP, more ways for solo players to earn better gear and a new Holo-Wardrobe feature that lets you style your character without the need of a Protostar Appearance Modificator. Not sure if there is still a cost involved but I am sure I will find out on the PTR. 

For more details, be sure to read the article yourself and if you are not already playing on the PTR, go you your account online and download it. The devs at Carbine would love to hear what you think of the new features and so would we! While questions directed to the devs are always welcome on our blogs (and we would certainly pass anything relevant along to Carbine Studios), be sure to check out their forums. 

See you in game!

WildStar's Next Big Update Invasion: Nexus by Chad Moore

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